Flumar Transportes de Químicos e Gases – Operational Areas are the Brazilian coast and within Mercosul.
Flumar Brasil - oil and chemical tanker - 51,188 dwt built in 2010

With head office in São Paulo, Brazil, Flumar is a fully integrated ship-owning company with functions for chartering, operations and ship management.

Flumar is established as a Brazilian shipping company in strict compliance with all the applicable legal/regulatory requirements to operate on the Brazilian coast as well as in deep-sea trades. This includes the requirements set by ANTAQ, the Brazilian Shipping Agency that regulates the shipping activity in Brazil. Flumar is also duly registered at the Brazilian Petroleum Agency (ANP), which allows the transportation of petroleum and its derivate products.
The fleet operated by Flumar consists of five tankers including two modern ships registered under the Brazilian flag, and employing Brazilian crew.

Other three time chartered full stainless steel chemical tankers, ranging from 10,106 to 17,460 dwt, complement our fleet that primarily attends various ports along the Brazilian coast and to/from the Mercosul countries. The transported products include several bulk liquid chemicals, acids, caustic soda, edible oils and other special products.

The Flumar team is fully available to evaluate each customer’s individual transportation needs aiming to propose tailor-made logistics solutions.

Flumar is a wholly owned subsidiary of Odfjell, and conducts its business to high quality, safety and environmental standards in accordance with our Company’s Code of Conduct.
Flumar Ship Management is ISM certified by ABS and is also in the process of becoming ISO 14001 certified.

Flumar Transportes de Químicos e Gases Ltda
Phone: +55 11 3549 5800
E-mail: gasquim@flumar.com.br (chartering / operations)
Fax: +55 11 3549 5807
E-mail: technical@flumar.com.br (technical department)

Avenida Paulista 460 - 18 andar
CEP 01310-904 - São Paulo - SP


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