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The Noord Natie Odfjell Terminals

Odfjell Terminals* has a 25% stake at Noord Natie Terminals in Antwerp, Belgium. The terminal offers a unique combination of storage and related ‘value added’ services for several types of liquids. Noord Natie Terminals focuses mainly on bulk storage with additional activities such as blending, drumming, packaging and storage of packed liquids and storage of tank containers.

The terminal has a strategic location in the Port of Antwerp and can rely on a wealth of experience in storage handling and packaging of commodities as well as niche market products. Noord Natie Terminals is located in a top location in the centre of Antwerp with easy access to sea, inland waterways, road and rail.

With 241 tanks and a total capacity of 350,000 cbm, Noord Natie Terminals provides storage and related activities for the following liquids:

• chemicals
• liquids for food or feed use
• mineral oils
• base oils
• oleochemicals
• biofuels

Noord Natie Terminals offers a wide variety of tanks with multiple sizes ranging from 30 cbm to 8,300 cbm of different materials like mild steel, coated or stainless steel tanks and also a variety of types of tank equipment like insulation, steam heating, electrical heating or warm water heating, nitrogen installation and vapour return systems.

The terminal has food grade approvals for the storage of food and feed grade chemicals and kosher storage. Depending on the storage requirements of the products a suitable tank will be available. No matter how specific the storage requirements of the liquids are, a suitable tank will be on hand. 

An additional expansion up to 100,000 cbm will be posible in the future.


*Odfjell Terminals is owned by Odfjell SE (51%) and Lindsay Goldberg (49%).


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Noord Natie Terminals
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 Fast Facts

• total capacity of up to 350, 000 cbm
• 241 tanks from 30 cbm up to 8,300 cmb
• 32 stainless steel tanks
• 4 berths for barges
• 4 other berths for seagoing vessels which
  can also be used for barges
• 6 berths for direct transhipment
• the terminal is connected to rail and separate
  railcars or block trains can be handled. Heating
  of railcars is possible.
• numerous stations for loading and discharging 
of tank trucks, tank containers and flexitanks
• 11 weighbridges
• interconnectivity of tanks for transfers and
• HACCP and GMP registered for food and feed
• Nofota recognised tank terminal.
• ISO 9001 certified
• CDI-T registered

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