Product Examples 

Examples of the types of products routinely handled at Odfjell PID.
Odfjell PID's four distillation units

Product examples (not limited to):

  • Alcohols
  • Aromatics (benzene, toluene, xylene)
  • Hydrocarbon solvents
  • Naphtha
  • Gasoline components
  • Gasoil and fuel oil components
  • Petroleum distillates
  • Gas condensate
  • Pygas

Examples of product distillations from hydro-carbon mixtures:

  • Splitting of gas condensate into naphtha and low sulphur gasoil
  • Pygas degumming: high gum pygas into gasoline component and low viscosity fuel oil component
  • Pygas debenzinising and degumming; splitting high benzene pygas into a benzene concentrate, gasoline component and a low viscosity fuel oil component
  • Splitting off spec low flash petroleum products into gasoline component and gasoil component
  • Producing clean gasoil from dark gasoil
  • Splitting pipeline interfaces into gasoline component and gasoil component




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