Odfjell uses a Compliance Management System, which regulates the signing of policies and supports compliance training. 

Compliance Officers

Compliance Officers from different business units and regions are assigned to ensure that the company and our employees act in accordance with applicable laws and regulations – our Code of Conduct – and to ensure that the company acts in an ethical and socially responsible way. Particular focus is given to competition law compliance, environmental licenses to operate and anti-corruption measures. In addition, regular updates on new rules and regulations are issued to all relevant personnel in order to ensure continuous compliance.

Whistleblowing & Reporting

A Whistleblowing policy and procedure, enabling employees and other third parties to report serious suspected wrongdoings, is rooted in the Odfjell culture. Integrity is paramount, and we have established channels for reporting concerns or violations outside of the regular reporting lines, including a confidential and anonymous Reporting Hotline. 

Designated Person

Following the ISM requirement, a Designated Person (DP) is appointed to oversee those working on ships managed by Odfjell. In addition, the Corporate Compliance Manager (CCM) and the Environmental Compliance Officer (ECO) are responsible for ensuring that employees on board and on shore comply with the requirements of ISO 14001:2014 and the Environmental Management System Plan.


It is Odfjell’s policy to fully comply with the competition laws in all jurisdictions where Odfjell operates. Any breach of competition law is likely to have serious consequences for the company and those who work for Odfjell, not least the criminal prosecution of individuals, severe financial penalties and damage to Odfjell's reputation.

Internal control audits and quality system audits are important tools to ensure that the processes and the quality management system are compliant with the requirements. These may be external requirements by authorities or customers, or internal company requirements.

Odfjell has implemented mandatory requirements for screening and conducting integrity due diligence assessments (IDD) of our business partners. A written contract is required between Odfjell and all third parties with whom Odfjell engages in the conduct or furtherance of its commercial activities.

In order to ensure compliance with ethical principles and anti-corruption laws, rules and regulations, Odfjell’s Corporate Supplier Conduct Principles must be included in the contract with the relevant business partner. Odfjell expects its business partners to establish and maintain appropriate management systems to ensure alignment with these principles.

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