Connecting the Chinese hinterland with the world

Conveniently located in one of the largest hubs for mineral oil products and chemicals in North East Asia, China’s Dalian New Port in Xingang: Odfjell Terminals Dalian (OTD) is providing the industry with a safe and efficient service for storage and transshipment of both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid products. 

  • Total storage capacity: 119,750 cbm
  • 51 tanks
  • Stainless steel storage capacity: 18,350 cbm
  • Four berths for sea-going tankers with up to 50,000 dwt capacity
  • Operated since 1998

OTD can be accessed via water, rail and road, and plays an important role in China’s export of liquid bulk chemicals.

A significant amount of product is shipped from the Chinese hinterland into OTD by rail tank cars. To accommodate these product flows, OTD is equipped with a comprehensive railcar handling infrastructure where a total of 120 rail tank cars can be handled simultaneously. 

Odfjell Terminals holds 50% of the shares in OTD, Dalian Port Company Ltd (PDA) holds the other 50%. Together, Odfjell and PDA have established a training academy for terminal operators in China. 

Facts & Figures

Odfjell Terminals in China

Development project

Odfjell Changxing Terminals Dalian (OTCX) at Changxing Island, China

The potential terminal will be strategically located at Chanxing Island, a major national petrochemical industrial zone in China. 

OTCX is a joint venture project between Odfjell Terminals Asia (40%), Dalian Port (PDA) Company Ltd (40%) and Dalian Changxing Island Administrative Commission (CXI Committee) (20%). 

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