As part of our 100 years celebration we have created a video and a leaflet that outlines Odfjell and its history throughout the past 100 years, the amazing journey of how a Norwegian family business that started with just one vessel has today become one of the world-leading logistics service providers for chemicals, other specialty bulk liquids and LPG/Ethylene.

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  • 1890: Captain Berendt Daniel Olsen moves to Bergen with his family to become part of modern shipping: steam and steel.
  • 1914: 17 November: First Odfjell ship owning company is formally registered, AS DS Birk.
  • 1915: The Odfjell brothers, Ferdrik and Abraham Odfjell, incorporate AS Rederiet Odfjell.
  • 1921: Odfjell makes a brief entry into the tanker trade with the SS Vaarli, rebuilt as a tanker.
  • 1938: Odfjell makes a small re-entry into the tanker trade with the newbuilding MT Lind.
  • 1940: WW 2: Odfjell fleet is split; three ships in home waters and four on high seas. Home fleet suffers devastating losses.
  • 1946: Bow is used for the first time as the name prefix on an Odfjell vessel.
  • 1950s: Most Odfjell ships are dry cargo liner vessels, but small specialised tankers become increasingly important.
  • 1960: Odfjell takes delivery of the world’s first stainless tanker, MT Lind
  • 1963: Dan Odfjell establishes Minde Chartering, Odfjell's own marketing organisation.
  • 1969: Opening of the first Odfjell tank terminal, the TAGSA in Buenos Aires. 
  • 1973: The business is split into two parts: AS Rederiet Odfjell for shipping, and Odfjell Drilling for offshore oil exploration.
  • 1973: Opening of the new Odfjell headquarters at Minde, Bergen
  • 1975: Delivery of the first 12 Polish built chemical tankers.
  • 1979: The Company is split into two independent parts, one for each branch of the family.
  • 1980: Cooperation with Westfal-Larsen is strengthened through the establishment of OWL Tankers.
  • 1983: Opening of the Baytank in Houston. 
  • 1986: Storli is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange. 
  • Late 1980s: Filipino crew starts beeing employed on our ships.
  • 1990: NCC of Saudi -Arabia replaces Westfal-Larsen as our main chemical tanker partner.
  • 1992:  Acquisition of minority share in the Vopak Terminal Ningbo.
  • 1994: Delivery of first of 16 new state of the art stainless chemical tankers, the Kvaerner series.
  • 1994:  Establishment of Odfjell Terminals (Dalian).
  • 1998: Company name is changed from Storli to Odfjell. New graphical layout and new logo.
  • 1999: The second Poland class: delivery of four 6,000 dwt fully stainless chemical tankers.
  • 1999: Venture into the iso-container business. 
  • 2000: Odfjell Tankers merge with Seachem, thus creating the premier deep-sea chemical tanker operator in terms of tonnage.
  • 2000: The Botlek terminal in Rotterdam is acquired, renamed Odfjell Terminals (Rotterdam).
  • 2001: Odfjell Terminals becomes partner in Oiltanking Odfjell Terminals (Singapore).
  • 2002: Odfjell Terminals becomes partner in Odfjell Terminals (Korea).
  • 2003-2007: The third Poland class: delivery of eight 40,000 dwt fully stainless steel chemical tankers.
  • 2003: Odfjell Academy training centre established in Subic, The Philippines. 
  • 2004: Fleet Asia is established with ship management of some vessels out of Singapore
  • 2005: Odfjell Terminals becomes partner in Exir Chemical Terminal (PJSCO) (Iran) and Odfjell Terminals (Jiangjin) (China).
  • 2007: Odfjell Terminals becomes partner Oiltanking Odfjell Terminals (Oman).
  • 2007: Gross revenues exceed USD 1 billion for the first time.
  • 2008: Odfjell Philippines Inc. is established.
  • 2010: Starting construction of a new terminal in Charleston (USA).
  • 2011: Partnership with Lindsay Goldberg is establised for the terminal business.
  • 2011: Signing the United Nations Global Compact.
  • 2012: Odfjell Terminals starts construction of Odfjell Nangang Terminals (Tianjin) (China) and becomes partner in Noord Natie Odfjell Terminals (Antwerp).
  • 2012: Re-entering into the gas segment by the establishment of Odfjell Gas Carriers.
  • 2013: Delivery of the world’s largest chemical tanker, Bow Pioneer.
  • 2013: Odfjell Terminals becomes partner in Quanzhou (Fujian) (China).
  • 2014: Celebrating our 100-year anniversary.



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