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At the heart of global trade

Our core business is handling hazardous liquids, safely and efficiently.

Odfjell's chemical tanker Bow Prosper in New York. Photo by Jonathan Atkin

Our chemical tankers crisscross the oceans, forming a web of trade routes that fuel production in all industries, on all continents. Our terminals connect sea and land at strategic locations worldwide, providing safe storage as a step on the way to the customer. 

All over the world, companies depend on liquids to create products we all use, every day. Be it ingredients for life-saving medicines, the football you play with or the water bottle you drink from, chances are that these building blocks have been transported and handled by us. 

More than 100 years of operations is in itself proof of a sustainable business. As a global company, we have a responsibility for our employees, our investors, our customers, the local communities where we operate, and the global environment. Sustainability is not only good for society and the environment – it is good for business. 

We see our business as an integrated and vital part of customers’ value chains. Together, we find new ways of using technology to develop digital solutions that fuel growth and value creation. This reduces cost and time spent, and increases operational efficiency. 

We provide services where time, predictability and reliability are essential. Our customers operate in a highly competitive global economy. Therefore, we always do our utmost to remain agile, to improve, and to best serve their needs.

We care, and work continuously to secure that our customers all over the world get their products delivered efficiently, safely and on time – every time.