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Cookies Policy

We use cookies to provide the best possible user experience on our website.

Odfjell appreciates your interest in our website, and all personal information is handled securely. Please refer to our Privacy and Data Protection Policy for your rights regarding our processing and to withdraw your consent. If you disagree with the terms herein, please do not use this website.

All personal information you submit to Odfjell is solely used by us to give you better service. Visits to our sites are traceable, to help us see which of our web pages are most interesting to our users. We recommend that you accept cookies so that we can offer you better service on our website and social media.

Automatic Storage of Information

Odfjell uses cookies on our website for the sole purpose of measuring traffic and handling sessions.

Cookies are small text files that are left on your computer to allow us to optimize our service to you as a user.

Cookies provide us with information on how you use the website, so that we know how much you have read and which links you have clicked on. This is done to improve your experience of and poses no security risk to you.

Social media cookies of third parties are used to offer you social media functionalities. We use this information to determine how interesting our content is for you as a user, generate traffic statistics, and improve this website's use.

Your browser automatically sends information to’s servers every time you click to see a page. This information may include what kind of browser and version you are using and your IP address. For every page displayed, information such as date and time, the previous page you visited, what page you are visiting now, etc., is also stored.

None of these details will be used to identify individuals. We use this information to generate general statistics indicating, for example, what pages are most popular and what kind of information our website visitors are searching for.

Sharing of your information

Odfjell does not sell any of the information generated by the use of such tracing technology/cookies. However, our website may contain links/pointers to other external websites that Odfjell does not control. Odfjell is not liable for data protection handling on external websites.

This website uses YouTube and Vimeo for displaying video content. The display of such content will be shared with Google for use on their advertising platforms Google Adwords and Google DoubleClick Bid Manager. You can read more about how this information is used in Google’s privacy policy.

By participating in a discussion by following a link to “Take part in the debate” on our Facebook pages, you will receive cookies from Facebook. You can read more about Facebook’s cookie policy here. It is entirely up to you to choose whether to use sharing or comments functions. For more information on your choice of settings, please see your personal privacy settings on Facebook. 

Email alerts

On, you may subscribe to email alerts for e-newsletters and/or stock market notices, and similar services. The information recorded is only utilized for email alerts. Access to this information is restricted to administrators.

How to control cookie settings

You can learn how to change your preferences and control cookies by visiting the website You can administer how Google uses information about you on their advertising platform on Google’s website

If you have any questions about this cookies policy, please get in touch with

Last updated 28.08.2021

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