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Odfjell Terminals Korea

Odfjell Terminals Korea (OTK) is a state-of-the-art terminal for storage and distribution of petrochemicals, and one of the most sophisticated terminals in Ulsan.

  • Total storage capacity: 313,710 cbm
  • 85 tanks
  • Stainless steel capacity: 15,860 cbm
  • Four operational berths
  • Operated since 2002

OTK is located in the most important petrochemical distribution and transshipment hub in Northeast Asia. The location is optimal for serving as a distribution hub for China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. The terminal can handle virtually all kinds of chemicals, including toxic, flammable, reactive and corrosive. 

OTK has received several awards from government agencies for its contribution and commitment to a safe and healthy environment for its employees and for the community at large.

The terminal is built and equipped to meet Odfjell’s high safety and environmental standards. OTK owns and operates six berths, with user rights to another two berths available for vessels of up to 80,000 dwt.  

OTK owns four berths, with user rights to another two berths, of which one suitable for larger vessels, up to 80,000 dwt and 14.3 meter draft.

Road tank trucks and iso-tank containers are handled at OTK’s 17 bays. OTK also offers comprehensive drum filling and container stuffing services.

All the tanks are located immediately adjacent to, and at the same elevation as the docks, which is optimal for operational efficiency. 

Odfjell holds 50% of the shares in OTK. 

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