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Odfjell Terminals
- connecting sea and land

Odfjell Terminals provides safe and efficient storage for vital liquids, chemicals and oil products at strategic international shipping hubs. 

  • 4 operational, part owned tank terminals: Antwerp (Belgium), Ulsan (Korea), Houston and Charleston (USA) 
  • Total storage capacity: 1.2 million cbm 
  • 450 storage tanks at core locations
  • 362 employees

Odfjell also has extended cooperation with a terminals network partly owned by related parties in South America, consisting of 10 terminals

The combination of shipping and tank terminals puts Odfjell in a unique position to offer our customers increased safety, product stewardship, efficiency and improved arrival accuracy. 

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Houston, USA

A premier service provider to the liquid bulk chemical industry for over 30 years, Odfjell Terminals Houston (OTH) provides unsurpassed storage, transfer and distribution services. 

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Charleston, USA

Centrally located on Charleston’s Cooper River, Odfjell Terminals Charleston (OTC) offers new solutions to the south-eastern United States.

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Noord Natie, Belgium

In the Port of Antwerp, Noord Natie Odfjell Antwerp Terminal (NNOAT) offers a unique combination of storage and related ‘value added’ services for several types of liquids. 

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Ulsan, Korea

Odfjell Terminals’ state of the art Korean site is based in Ulsan, the key petrochemical distribution and transshipment hub in Northeast Asia. 

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