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Odfjell ship management

Odfjell is one of the very few global shipping companies that is fully integrated. 
Ship Management offers complete in-house services.

All our operations depend on the condition of our vessels and the expertise of our employees on board and on shore. It is imperative that the fleet is managed and operated to the highest standard at every step. 

Integrated processes promote safe, reliable and efficient operations. Odfjell Ship Management handles crewing, QHSSE,  technology support and digital innovation, newbuilding, energy efficiency solutions and overall fleet management. Of the total fleet of +/- 90 vessels, Odfjell has around 50 in technical management. 

Odfjell’s Ship Management team is one of the most complete of its kind in Europe – not only in the chemical tanker segment, but in the industry as a whole. 

Ship Management

Total technically managed fleet: +/-50
Fleet management
Technology management
Risk management

Safety and quality at the core

The safe operation of chemical tankers depends on highly qualified officers and crew. Our safety performance, vetting and port state control performance on our managed vessels provide frequent confirmation of Odfjell’s expertise and steady focus on safety and quality.

For Odfjell – with our core business of storing and shipping some of the world’s most hazardous chemicals – it is possibly more important for us then other industries to have a highly competent crew. Building a strong, world-class safety culture is one of Ship Management’s highest priorities. 

Safety is fundamental to everything we do.

Our fleet comply with all relevant legislations set by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) under the UN and the ships’ Flag state. The recognized organization (Class) will, on behalf of the flag state, control and certify that the company and our vessels comply and are covered by with applicable international regulations.

Odfjell has an environmental management system. This system is audited several times a year as a part of the Tanker Management Self-Assessment (TMSA), and this is reported to OCIMF.

Our vessels hold the following certifications, covering compliance with international environmental rules and policies:

  • Document of compliance for the company covering International Safety Management (ISM) certification
  • Safety Management Certificate for the ships covering International Safety Management (ISM) certification
  • IOPP (International Oil Pollution Prevention) Certificate
  • ISPP (International Sewage Pollution Prevention) Certificate
  • IAPP (International Air Pollution Prevention) Certificate
  • International Anti-Fouling System Certificate
  • International Energy Efficiency Certificate
  • International Ballast Water Management Certificate
  • Certificates of Civil Liability for Oil Pollution
  • International Certificate of Fitness Chemicals in Bulk (IBC)
Odfjell seafarers

Safety first

Our number one guiding principle: We do not compromise on safety.

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Ship maintenance & innovations

Our in-house specialist team manages the safe and efficient operation and  long, useful working life of the vessels.

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Odfjell ships are primarily manned by Northwest Europeans and Filipino mariners with extensive experience.

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