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Bow Summer crew awarded U.S. Coast Guard Certificate of Merit for rescue mission

On December 18, 2022, underway to Houston, the crew on Bow Summer sighted a boat in distress and rescued seven migrants. This month, the crew was awarded by the U.S. Coast Guard for their expert seamanship.

Bow Summer was around 100 miles out at sea when spotting the vessel. Captain Bjerknes and crew decided to divert course and found a makeshift raft with seven migrants on board, having no fuel, food or water. Our crew managed to safely board the seven migrants and brought them to Houston where they were transferred to CBP custody as per procedure.

On March 15 on the bridge of Bow Summer in Houston, U.S. Coast Guard’s Captain Smith presented a Certificate of Merit to Captain Winge on behalf of Captain Bjerknes and his crew for their life-saving rescue mission.

“The Bow Summer crew’s diligence, intuition, and expert seamanship directly resulted in the preservation of life at sea, supporting USCG search and rescue mission”, the U.S. Coast Guard stated. “Their actions are most heartily commended and are in keeping with the humanitarian and public service.”


Odfjell crew awarded USCG Certificate of Merit

3rd Officer Sebastian Gjøsether and Captain Johnny Winge together with USCG Captain Jason E. Smith

Chief Technical Officer Torger Trige agrees:

“I join in applauding our outstanding crew. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of training and the responsibility seafarers hold in ensuring safety at sea. Our people’s alertness, quick thinking and seamanship helped save lives. Well done!”

As a special token in the award tradition, the coast guard representative put a coin in his hand, and this coin is handed over via a handshake to the receiver of the award.

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