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Efficiency unleashed: Odfjell achieves 26 vessel inspections in record time

In February 2024, Odfjell, in collaboration with DNV, achieved a remarkable feat: Conducting a digital survey for 26 vessels in only two hours. This achievement was made possible thanks to the utilization of our robust SM Portal system and DNV's Machinery Maintenance Connect (MMC), a transformative solution redefining the landscape of machinery planned maintenance systems (MPMS). 

“Through the seamless collaboration with DNV, we've entered in a new era of efficiency in maintenance systems. Completing inspections for 26 vessels in just two hours is a testament to the joint effectiveness of our Enterprise Asset Management System and DNV's Machinery Maintenance Connect, underscoring our commitment to innovation and operational excellence.” 

- Erik Hjortland, VP Technology

What is MPMS? 

MPMS stands for machinery planned maintenance system and is a survey arrangement based on audits of an approved and implemented planned maintenance system on board. It covers all class-relevant component surveys related to machinery and is based on manufacturers’ recommendations for maintenance. 

Background: Challenges in Vessel Surveys 

Traditionally, the surveying of machinery on each vessel has been a time-consuming and manual process. Chief engineers were often burdened with the task of recording information for each vessel individually, diverting their attention from other critical responsibilities. Recognizing the need for a more efficient and comprehensive solution, DNV introduced MPMS, which focused on audits of approved and implemented planned maintenance systems on board. 

Evolution: Machinery Maintenance Connect (MMC) 

Taking the MPMS concept to the next level, DNV introduced Machinery Maintenance Connect (MMC). Supported by our robust SM Portal system, this innovative solution enables DNV surveyors to audit an entire fleet in a single day, eliminating the need for vessel-by-vessel inspections. The heart of MMC lies in the seamless integration of machinery maintenance data, which is sent to DNV and displayed on a user-friendly dashboard, accessible to both DNV and Odfjell employees.  

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