Explosion in Ulsan

At 10:00 local time Saturday 28 September, an explosion occurred onboard the chemical tanker Stolt Groenland in Ulsan, Korea. Odfjell’s Bow Dalian was moored alongside Stolt Groenland at the time of the incident. The vessels were evacuated and all crew are accounted for on both vessels.

Update per 15:30 CET, Saturday 28 September:

Bow Dalian is now safely moored at a lay-by berth in Ulsan. There is no fire on board and representatives of Odfjell are preparing to board the vessel and assess the situation. The extent of the damages will be established during the forthcoming days. 

The crew reacted in a timely and correct manner: Sprinkler and foam were released according to our procedures before the vessel was evacuated. The professional reaction has clearly mitigated a potentially worse outcome.

Update per 10:22 CET, Saturday 28 September:

We have received reports that the fire onboard Stolt Groenland is under control. Bow Dalian is now being towed to an adjacent berth for damage assessment and control.


Update per 10:00 CET Saturday 28 September:

Bow Dalian was preparing for ship to ship transfer of cargo from Stolt Groenland to Bow Dalian. Cargo operations had not yet commenced when the explosion occurred.

Shore fire-fighting teams are now working to extinguish the fire.

We are deeply concerned about this accident and the consequences it may have on the local community, port operations and the environment. We are cooperating closely with all relevant authorities and resources to limit the consequences of this unfortunate incident.

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