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Harald Fotland elected as President of the Norwegian Shipowners' Association

CEO of Odfjell, Harald Fotland, was elected as president at the Norwegian Shipowners' Association's general meeting on March 14, serving for the period 2024–2026.

The below is a translated version of the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association’s
press release issued on March 14, 2024.

Fotland has been the association’s vice president for the past two years. The Norwegian shipping industry is the hub of the maritime sector, an industry that employs nearly 90,000 people along the entire coast and generates values of up to NOK 211 billion.

“The main drivers for change in the coming years are the industry's ambitious climate goals and the need to develop technology and solutions that contribute to achieving these goals.

Our members represent one of the world's most energy-efficient fleets and will lead the way in the green transition. I look forward to taking on the role of president in what is an exciting but also geopolitically challenging time for global shipping."

- Harald Fotland

The conflicts in the Middle East and Russia's war against Ukraine have significant repercussions for shipping. Norwegian shipping companies play a crucial role in Norway's overall preparedness and infrastructure for security in Norway, Europe, and the West.

"Over 90 percent of world trade is transported by sea. The global community is therefore entirely dependent on maintaining navigational freedom. Norway has the world's fifth-largest fleet measured in value, and we are a small and open economy. Therefore, open trade routes and a regulated world order are crucial national security interests for Norway as well," says Fotland.

Members of the Shipowners' Association play a central role in the transition to a low- and zero-emission society. Nine out of ten members of the association will invest in climate-neutral solutions when building new ships, and almost all now plan to invest in technology that produces lower emissions than conventional technology.

"The Norwegian maritime industry has traditionally been good at finding innovative solutions to challenges we have faced. From the shipowners' perspective, we will continue to develop technology and solutions that both we and the world need, together with the maritime cluster in Norway," says Fotland.

Harald Fotland (b. 1964) has been the CEO of Odfjell SE since May 2022, after holding the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) since 2018. He joined Odfjell in 2010 as Chief of Staff. He came to Odfjell from the position of Vice President at Gard AS, and he has previously held various positions in the Navy.

Fotland has extensive board experience and is currently a board member of the European Community Shipowners' Association (ESCA) and the Norwegian War Insurance for Ships (DNK).

The Norwegian Shipowners' Association Board, 2024-2026

  • Harald Fotland, President, Odfjell SE
  • Andreas Waage Enger, Vice President, Höegh Autoliners Group
  • Anette Aaser-Stene, Color Line AS
  • Marianne Møgster, DOF Group
  • Sofie Eleanor Jebsen, Fred. Olsen Renewables
  • Morten Ulstein, Island Offshore Management AS
  • Sindre Matre, Arriva Shipping AS
  • Øystein Beisland, AS Uglands Rederi
  • Anne Jorunn Møkster, Simon Møkster Shipping AS
  • Simen Lieungh, Odfjell Technology AS

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