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Loyal seafarers awarded

Eleven seafarers were honored for more than 25 years of service at the Crew and Allottees Conference in Manila.

Odfjell paid tribute to 11 of its loyal seafarers during the Crew and Allottees Conference in Manila on November 26. VP Maritime Personnel Svend Foyn-Bruun, Odfjell Philippines, Inc. General Manager Captain Remigio Zamora and VP – Head of Crewing Agnes Enesio presented the plaque and gold watch to the following awardees:

Able Seaman Jaime Abas joined Odfjell in November 1995 as an Ordinary Seaman on board Bow Hunter. He has also served Bow Pioneer Old and NCC Yamamah, and very recently, Bow Cecil. 

Able Seaman Jonathan Alcallaga embarked on his first Odfjell ship, NCC Tihamah, in September 1995. This hardworking crew has also boarded Bow Lady, NCC Jouf and Bow Centur.

Chief Engineer Gerry Altura first boarded an Odfjell ship, Bow Petros, as an Engine Cadet in January 1992. He has also sailed on board Bow Leopard, Bow Transporter, and Bow Fighter, and very recently, on Bow Prosper and Bow Persistent. A very knowledgeable and consistently dependable crew member, he earned his Chief Engineer title in 2015.

Chief Engineer Sandy Arce began his Odfjell career as an Oiler on board Bow Explorer in May 1996. He has also boarded Bow Lancer, Bow Lion and Bow Petros, and very recently, Bow Cardinal. He was promoted to Chief Engineer in 2014, and in 2019, joined the Project Hudong team in China. He rejoined the crew pool in 2021 and continues to serve as Chief Engineer.

Bosun Abundio Balot first joined Odfjell as an Able Seaman on board Bow Mariner in October 1995. He has sailed on board Bow Lancer, Bow Petros, and Bow Lion, and very recently, on Bow Faith.

Second Engineer Ernesto Buen started his Odfjell career as a Third Assistant Engineer on Bow Petros in September 1995. He has also boarded Bow Explorer, Bow Heron and Bow Panther, to name a few. This hardworking engine crew has now retired from his seafaring career and is enjoying his time with his family.

Able Seaman Armando Cavinta joined Odfjell as an Able Seaman on board Bow Power in August 1990. He has also served Bow Fraternity, Bow Cheetah and Bow Peace, and very recently, Bow Trident.

Bosun Odelon De Leon joined Odfjell as a Deck Cadet on board NCC Yamamah in May 1995. This diligent seafarer has also boarded Bow Princess, NCC Mekk and Bow Lady. His recent vessels include Bow Spring and Bow Orion.

Bosun Perfecto Faller first boarded an Odfjell vessels in October 1995, as a Deck Cadet on board Bow Star Old 1. He has also sailed on board Bow Eagle and Bow Queen, and very recently, on Bow Cecil and Bow Star.

Fitter Regalado Geronimo started in Odfjell as a Fitter on board Bow Queen in November 1995. He has sailed on board Bow Sky Old, Bow Star Old and NCC Mekka, and recently signed off from Bow Persistent.

Third Engineer Ranilo Manuel started his Odfjell career in January 1990 as a Wiper on board Bow Star. His previous vessels include Bow Star Old 1, Bow Lady, and NCC Yamamah.

Congratulations to our seafarer colleagues for this milestone, and thank you for this gift of loyalty.

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