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Mandatory notification of trade

Pursuant to the terms of Odfjell SE’s Long-term Incentive Program, the Executive Management and Global Heads may receive a cash amount, where the net amount less tax shall be used to purchase A-shares in the Company. On March 17, 2021, the Board of Directors decided, in accordance with the terms of such incentive program, to pay out a cash amount to members of the Executive Management and Global Heads, which in turn (after tax) has been used to acquire a total of 137,127 Class A shares in the Company on March 19, 2021. The purchase price paid for the shares is NOK 26.21, corresponding to the volume-weighted average share price on the Oslo Stock Exchange the last 14 trading days of 2020. 

To facilitate the above-mentioned acquisition of shares, the Company has on March 19, 2021, sold 137,127 Class A shares (treasury shares) to the eligible participants at a purchase price of NOK 26.21 per share. The acquired shares are restricted with a holding period of three years with certain customary exemptions. 

The following primary insiders in the Company has acquired shares in connection with the abovementioned incentive plan, and have, following this, the following number of shares in the Company: 

Name Shares aquired Total number of shares held in Odfjell
Kristian V. Mørch, CEO 62,707 242,329 Class A shares | 3,500 Class B shares
Harald Fotland, COO 17,267 44,822 Class A shares | 4,000 Class B shares
Terje Iversen, CFO 15,678 47,422 Class A shares
Øistein Jensen, CSO 12,380 43,700 Class A shares
Bjørn Hammer, Global Head of Tanker Trading 12,838 12,838 Class A shares
Adrian Lenning, Global Head of Tank Terminals 12,380 12,380 Class A shares
Torger Trige, Global Head of Ship Management 3,878 3,878 Class A shares | 190 Class B shares

IR Contact: 
Bjørn Kristian Røed, VP Corporate Analysis & IR
Tel: +47 40 91 98 68

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