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Mandatory notification of trade

Pursuant to the terms of Odfjell SE's Long-term Incentive Program, the Executive Management may receive a cash amount, where the net amount less tax shall be used to purchase A-shares in the Company.

On March 21, 2024, the Board of Directors decided, in accordance with the terms of such incentive program, to pay out a cash amount to members of the Executive Management which in turn (after tax) has been used to acquire a total of 32,353 Class A-shares in the Company on March 21, 2024.

The purchase price paid for the shares is NOK 111.00, corresponding to the volume-weighted average share price on the Oslo Stock Exchange in the last 14 trading days of 2023.

To facilitate the above-mentioned acquisition of shares, the Company has on March 21, 2024, sold 32,353 Class A-shares (treasury shares) to the eligible participants at a purchase price of NOK 111.00 per share. The acquired shares are restricted with a holding period of three years with certain customary exemptions.

The following primary insiders in the Company have acquired shares in connection with the above-mentioned incentive plan, and have, following this, the following number of shares in the Company:

Name, title Shares acquired Total number of shares
held in the company
Harald Fotland,
13,032 85,220 Class A shares / 4,000 Class B shares
Terje Iversen,
4,347 63,634 Class A shares
Øistein Jensen,
3,306 57,459 Class A shares
Bjørn Hammer,
4,379 30,376 Class A shares
Adrian Lenning,
MD Terminals
3,910 27,227 Class A shares
Torger Trige,
3,379 15,840 Class A shares / 190 Class B shares

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