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Manila employees honored

At the Odfjell in the Philippines’ (OiP) year-end party held December 7 2022, thirteen shore colleagues were awarded for serving the company for at least ten years.

This year alone, at least seven celebratory ceremonies have been held to honor 79 colleagues whose tenure with the company range from ten to 40 years. We are proud to have loyal and dedicated employees, both at sea and ashore.

This includes these 13 colleagues from the Manila office who were recognized with a plaque of appreciation and a watch token:

Antonio Aquino, a former Odfjell seafarer, joined the Odfjell shore organization in November 2005 as Payroll Officer. He became Payroll Supervisor in 2012, and Team Leader Payroll the year after. This year, he was appointed Payroll Specialist, a position he continues to hold.

Megan Banaag joined Odfjell in January 2008 as Encoder, and was appointed Cashier the following year. She became Payroll Assistant in 2013, and was made Accounting Assistant in 2017. In 2018, she was appointed Accounting Coordinator, a position she holds to date.

Roldan Cañete joined Odfjell in October 2011 as Accounting Assistant. In 2018, he was appointed Accounting Coordinator, a position he continues to hold.

Olivia de Vera joined Odfjell in February 2007 as Encoder under the Documentation. The following year, she transferred to the then Crew & Family Affairs department as Crew & Family Affairs Assistant, and became a Crew & Family Affairs Officer in 2012. Three years later in 2015, she was appointed Team Leader of Crew & Family Affairs—now a unit under the Crewing department—and has been leading the group since.

Jobby Fabros joined Odfjell in July 2007 as an Assistant under the Crewing department. In 2011, she was appointed Documentation Officer. A decade after in 2021, she transferred to the Vessel Handling team as Crewing Coordinator — a position she continues to hold.

Marie Stephanie Gutierrez joined Odfjell in September 2011 as Crew and Cargo Database Assistant under the Crewing department. In 2017, she was appointed Coordinator Data & Documents, this time as part of the Shared Service Centre.

Julie Ann Ignacio joined Odfjell in February 2007 as Training Assistant. She became Training Coordinator in 2009, and was made HR/Training Coordinator two years later. In 2015, she was appointed Manager HR/Support, and has since been overall in-charge of personnel management and procurement in Manila.

Jonalyn Luma-ang joined Odfjell in September 2011 as Financial Accounting Analyst. She was appointed Head Vessel Accounting in 2013, and in 2015, as Manager Finance & Accounting – a position she holds to date.

Jocelyn Lumbay joined Odfjell in August 2010 as Accounting Assistant. Seven years later in 2017, she was appointed Accountant, a position she has held since.

Maria Vanessa Medina joined Odfjell in January 2006 as Training Coordinator, and became QA Coordinator/Auditor in 2008. She was appointed Team Leader Manila Document Center in 2015, and the following year, as Manager of the Shared Service Centre. She was afterwards named Head of the Shared Service Centre, and has continued to lead Manila’s fastest growing department.

Hyacinth Rajcel Sharma joined Odfjell in July 2012 as Course Developer. In 2020, she was appointed Competence Administrator – a position she continues to hold.

Wilen Villamor joined Odfjell in March 2012 as Crewing Assistant, and became Crewing Officer in 2015. In 2016, she was appointed Team Leader Vessel Handlers and has since led the Vessel Handling team.

Captain Remigio Zamora, a former Odfjell seafarer, joined the Odfjell shore organization in October 2001 as Assistant Manager under the Crewing department. He became a Project Manager in 2006, and was appointed General Manager for Crewing department in 2011. He has since led the crewing operations in Manila.

The accomplishments that the company has achieved across the spectrum are a testament to having loyal and dedicated employees. To our 13 loyal colleagues, congratulations and thank you for your loyalty!

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