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Noord Natie Odfjell Antwerp Terminals expands again

Noord Natie Terminals NV (NNOAT) is taking tank pit T into service in its further expansion at the Leopold dock. 35,000 cbm spread over seven storage tanks made of 5,000 cbm stainless steel. With this latest tank farm, NNOAT now has 425,000 cbm of storage for bulk liquids such as base oils, commodity products and specialty chemicals.

In addition to the tank farm, the new pipeline rack and the new jetty at quay 253 will also be put into service. With this supporting infrastructure, NNOAT anticipates planned expansions and the company once again endorses its leading role as a distribution terminal with a unique location due to the more than 2,500-meter quay and associated 11 berths for ships and barges.

The Port of Antwerp-Bruges keeps on growing as a major import location for the distribution of chemicals, oils and gases into western Europe.

With this new expansion, Noord Natie Odfjell Antwerp Terminals remains true to its operational philosophy of ‘tank dedicated’ infrastructure, where each tank has its own water and land connection.

The engineering of the next expansion, tank farm U has started. This tank farm consisting of six storage tanks of 6,000 cbm each, suitable for base oils and commodity chemicals, is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. Depending on the economic developments, NNOAT's growth prospects are good for this 80,400 cbm of extra storage.

The addition of tank farm U will expand the terminal to 461,000 cbm of storage, making NNOAT one of the largest independent bulk liquid storage companies in the Port Antwerp – Bruges.

The seven tanks pit at Noord Natie Odfjell Antwerp Terminals.

Tank pit T

Official opening of tank pit T at Noord Natie Odfjell Antwerp Terminals, June 2, 2022.

The grand opening of the new seven tanks pit at Noord Natie Odfjell Antwerp Terminals took place on June 2, 2022, with Mayor Bart De Wever, Port Alderman Annick De Ridder, Chair of the Port of Antwerp – Bruges and CEO Jacques Vandermeiren, Executive Chair of NNOAT Philip van Gestel, and Chair of Odfjell SE Laurence W. Odfjell.

250+ guests attended, ranging from officials to customers, suppliers, contractors, shareholders, and employees.

Expanding, sustainably

NNOAT is focused on expanding while making better and more sustainable use of the assets at hand. The quality of service and the sustainability of operations are under continuous scrutiny to uncover improvement potential. Commercial & Business Development Manager at NNOAT, Pieter de Graeff, shares with HCB Live that the terminal is in the second year of its sustainability plan, which includes a range of energy-saving and efficiency-improving measures, such as:

  • Low-energy LED lighting
  • Re-use of water
  • Installation of more efficient steam boilers
  • Addition of public charging for electric vehicles in parking area
  • Reducing gate-to-gate times for trucks
  • Centralized top-loading bay with three simultaneous loading positions
  • Tank automation
  • Emission controls
  • Move away from individual loadings at pump manifolds to top loading at centralized loading bays
  • Deepening of berths to provide up to 14 meters draft​

Since 1950, the terminal has been known as an established value within the Antwerp port community and since 2012, the terminal has been 75% owned by Noord Natie BV and 25% by Odfjell SE.


Pieter de Graeff
Commercial & Business Development Manager, NNOAT
Tel: +32 (0)3 543 68 51

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