Odfjell CEO sees 'potential for further consolidation'

CEO Kristian Mørch talks to Shippingwatch about the ongoing consolidation of the chemical tanker segment.

The below is an excerpt of an interview in Shippingwatch, published January 14th 2019. 
Written by Søren Pico. 

There could be even more acquisitions in store in chemical tanker, a segment in which several players have recently made purchases, Odfjell CEO Kristian Mørch tells Shippingwatch. But the CEO does not see Odfjell participating in the current consolidation. (...)

“Consolidation makes sense, and with fewer players it also means that one can have a somewhat more disciplined approach to solving some of the challenges the industry faces”. (...)

We’re in the midst of the biggest fleet rejuvenation and increase in the history of Odfjell. We’re working on a lot of things, and if we have to do more, it will depend on our liner network and whether we need to open new routes. But this is a more long-term approach, and I can’t as such point to any acquisition candidates for us right now”. (...)

Read the article on Shippingwatch.com. 

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