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Odfjell featured in new online short film series on worldwide

A new commercial series, ‘Blue Horizons’, has just been launched on Produced by BBC StoryWorks, this series dives into humanity’s deep connection with the ocean, exploring its impact on our daily lives, the environment, and the global economy. As the only shipping company, Odfjell is featured exclusively in one of the episodes.

'Blue Horizons' is an ambitious project that brings together stories from around the world to illustrate humans' intricate relationships with the ocean. From northern Norway's icy waters to Roatan's coral reefs, each episode uncovers how this vast ecosystem supports livelihoods, provides essential resources, and sustains the planet. The series aims to raise awareness about the ocean's crucial role in our lives and the urgent need to protect it. 

One of the standout stories in the series is that of Lise Henriksen, Odfjell’s first female captain. Her journey is a testament to perseverance and the opportunities the maritime industry can offer.


"When we are out at sea, it kind of feels like there’s freedom. It’s just a nice feeling; you don’t need to think about too much else, you just breathe in the fresh air," Lise shares, encapsulating her connection with the ocean.


Henriksen knew from an early age that she wanted to work at sea, though she was unsure of her exact path. After 13 years of dedication and hard work, she rose through the ranks to become the company's first female captain, defying long standing superstitions that it was 'bad luck' to have women on board. Her story is not just about personal achievement but also about challenging norms and inspiring future generations. 

The series also includes insightful commentary from experts like Professor Stig Tenold of the NHH Norwegian School of Economics: "In a world without a global shipping industry, we would basically be confined to consuming what we have within our own borders, so there would be very little international trade," Tenold explains. He emphasizes the critical role of the shipping industry in the global economy while highlighting the pressing need to address its environmental impact. 


Erik Hjortland, Odfjell’s Vice President for Technology, sheds light on the company's efforts to mitigate its environmental footprint: "Shipping emits approximately 3% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. So, we are, in that respect, a significant polluter. That means we must take this seriously, and we must reduce this number as much as possible and as fast as possible," Hjortland asserts. 


Odfjell has been proactive in targeting energy efficiency and emission reductions for many years. Since 2007, we have installed over 135 energy-saving devices, significantly reducing fuel consumption. Our initiatives include frequent propeller cleanings, advanced weather routing, and pioneering technologies such as suction sails and solid oxide fuel cells. Our efforts have led to a 52% reduction in fuel consumption per tonne of cargo transported one nautical mile, Hjortland states. 


The Blue Horizons series not only celebrates these technological advancements but also the human stories that drive them. Odfjell's feature in the series underscores our commitment to sustainability and innovation, setting a benchmark for the maritime industry in the journey towards a greener future. 


Visit the BBC website to read more and watch all the episodes. 

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