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Odfjell seafarers take part in search and rescue operations

Odfjell seafarers have contributed in two rescue operations this month. Fortunately, both events had a positive outcome.

Bow Spring rescues fishermen in distress

Bow Spring assisted the Japanese Coast Guard in a successful search and rescue operation in the Pacific Ocean: All ten fishermen were rescued by Bow Spring after their fishing boat caught fire and sank.
Captain Jan Edvardsen and his crew onboard Bow Spring volunteered when contacted by the Japanese Coast Guard to take part after a Taiwanese vessel was reported on fire. From shore, Manager Marine Support, Superintendent, MSI, agent and Operator supported. 

The fishing boat in distress was in a position about five hours away from Bow Spring’s location at the time. Bow Spring changed course towards the boat’s last given position, and located the ten fishermen on a raft. They were safely taken onboard and given necessary assistance, accommodation and care from our crew underway to shore. 


Flumar Brasil receives recognition from Brazilian Navy after saving fisherman in distress

Flumar Brasil's Captain Marcos Rodrigues with Commander Paulo Antonio Carlos and Capitan Lieutenant Adriano Alves da Costa of the Port of Sao Luis

Bow Spring rescues ten fishermen in the Pacific Ocean.

Bow Spring located the ten fishermen on a raft after their boat had sunk.

Flumar Brazil awarded by the Brazilian Navy

On October 1st, the crew onboard Flumar Brasil rescued a fisherman about 90 miles from the São Luís port in Brazil. The fisherman had fallen in the sea and was found by the crew drifting without life jacket or any buoy for almost 20 hours. He was brought on board and received medical attention from the ship's nurse before being airlifted to shore.

As an recognition of the assistance, Flumar Brasil received a plaque from the Brazilian Navy for carrying out a successful rescue operation.

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