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Odfjell'ers honored for loyalty and service

Eighteen Odfjell'ers were awarded for more than 25 years of service at an award ceremony in Manila, with wholehearted thanks for their contributions to the company.

Sixteen seafarers and two office employees (also former seafarers) were honored before an audience of seafarers, family members and shore colleagues from Odfjell’s global offices. VP Maritime Personnel Svend Foyn-Bruun, VP Fleet Management Knut Erik Fredriksen and VP-Head of Crewing Agnes Enesio presented the plaque and gold watch to the following awardees:

Chief Engineer Charlie Alicaway joined Odfjell as a Wiper on board Bow Plata in November 1992. He has also sailed on board Bow Viking, Bow Lion and Bow Eagle, and recently, on Bow Persistent and Bow Prosper. He was promoted to Chief Engineer in August 2011, and has since displayed excellent leadership on board.

Bosun Roderick Angeles first boarded Bow Panther as a Deck Cadet in November 1993. He has also served on board Bow Favour, Bow Leopard, and Bow Panther. Bow Sun was the latest vessel this hardworking crewmember disembarked from.

Payroll Specialist Antonio Aquino joined Odfjell in June 1993 and boarded Bow Mariner as a Radio Officer. He sailed with Odfjell vessels until 2001, and in 2005, joined the shore organization as Q88 Assistant for three months. The following year, he was transferred to the Payroll Team and has since been responsible in handling the wages of our Filipino seafarers.

Pumpman Zacarias De Jesus started in Odfjell as an Ordinary Seaman on board Bow Hunter. Since joining the company in September 1994, he has sailed with various vessels such as NCC Jubail, NCC Jouf, and Bow Pioneer Old. This reliable crew recently signed off from Bow Saga.

Chief Engineer Crisanto De Vera boarded Bow Mariner as a Wiper in September 1989, his first vessel assignment. He has also sailed on board Bow Panther, Bow Heron and Bow Leopard, and very recently, on board Bow Elm. Even before earning the Chief Engineer title in 2008, he has always been known for his good relationship with his subordinates.

Chief Engineer Rene Dela Torre started his Odfjell career in April 1995 as a Motorman on board NCC Tihamah. He has also served on board Bow Hunter, NCC Madinah, Bow Pilot, and recently, on board Bow Tribute and Bow Engineer. He was promoted to Chief Engineer in March 2006.

Motorman Joild Evangelista joined his first Odfjell vessel, Bow Gorgonilla, as a Motorman in April 1993. He has also boarded NCC Tihamah, NCC Jubail, Bow Mate, and recently, Bow Prosper and Bow Sky. He also starred in one of Odfjell’s safety campaign videos, sharing his expertise beyond the confines of the engine room.

Motorman Manuel Gabuat joined Odfjell in February 1995, and has since sailed with various vessels like  Bow Eagle, Bow Favour, and Bow Fertility. His recent vessels include Bow Firda and Bow Trident.

Second Engineer Renato Gomez joined Odfjell as a Fourth Engineer on board Bow Panther in February 1995. Prior his retirement, he served on board Bow Trajectory.

Chief Engineer Stein Harald Karlsen started his career in Odfjell in August 1996, when he boarded Bow Arar as Third Engineer. He has also sailed on board NCC Madinah and Bow Cardinal. He was promoted to Chief Engineer in July 2005, and has since led the engine department on board Bow Mekka, Bow Jubail, Bow Cecil and Bow Olympus, to name a few.

Motorman Jigger Lupio joined Odfjell as an Engine Cadet on board Bow Lancer in June 1995. He has also served on board Bow Star Old and Bow Puma, and recently, Bow Saga and Bow Summer.

Motorman Ruel Manuel started with Odfjell as an Engine Cadet on board Bow Sea in June 1995. He has also sailed with Bow Sky Old, Bow Star Old 1 and NCC Asir, and recently, on board Bow Architect and Bow Elm.

Fitter Ramon Montealto joined Odfjell in 1993 on board Bow Sky Old as a Fitter. He has sailed with Bow Sea Old, Bow Lady and Bow Heron, and recently, on board Bow Triumph.

Chief Engineer Edgar Pineda started his career in Odfjell in April 1995 as an Engine Cadet on board NCC Yamamah. He has also served Bow Sky Old, NCC Baha, and Bow Eagle – to mention a few. He was promoted to Chief Engineer in April 2015, and has always displayed excellent leadership on board.

Motorman Eduardo Rioflorido joined Odfjell as an Engine Cadet in February 1995, serving Bow Saphir as his first vessel. He has also sailed on board Bow Sun Old, NCC Yamamah, and NCC Najran, and recently, Bow Fortune and Bow Summer.

Captain Oliver Tongol started his career in Odfjell in October 1995 as a Deck Cadet on board Bow Mariner. During his early years in service, he sailed on board Bow Puma, Bow Pride, and Bow Viking. He earned the Chief Officer title in December 2011, and was promoted to Captain in August 2020. He first commanded Bow Sea, and recently, Bow Oceanic.

Able Seaman Ritchie Vasquez joined Odfjell as a Deck Cadet on board NCC Yamamah in March 1995. He has also boarded NCC Arir, Bow Sky Old and Bow Pioneer Old. He retired from his profession after signing off from Bow Lind in 2021.

Captain Remigio Zamora, General Manager of Odfjell Philippines, Inc., belongs to the first batch of Filipino seafarers who joined Odfjell, embarking on Bow Sun as a Deck Cadet on December 7, 1985. He was also the first Filipino cadet to be promoted to Third Officer. In May 2000, he was called to join Odfjell as a shore employee, starting as an Assistant Manager. Four years later, he became a Project Manager in-charge of the Cadetship Program, which he continues to handle presently.

Congratulations to all the awardees, and thank you for your loyal and dedicated service throughout all these years!

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