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Potential buyback of own bonds and tap issue

Odfjell SE (the "Company") has mandated Nordea and Swedbank to explore the possibility of a conditional buyback of the outstanding bonds maturing in June 2022 ISIN NO0010796238 (ODF09) and a potential tap issue of the outstanding bond maturing in September 2023 ISIN NO 0010832181, subject to market conditions.

The purpose of the contemplated transactions is to part refinance ODF09 in accordance with the Company’s finance strategy.

For questions, please contact: 

Terje Iversen, CFO:
Tel: +47 932 40 359 | Email:

Gustav Sannem, VP Finance:
Tel: +47 452 69 641 | Email:

Bjørn Kristian Røed, VP Corporate Analysis & IR: 
Tel: +47 409 19 868 | Email:

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