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Sailing towards success

'A tiny island we may be, but Singapore's quality-driven fleet has caught the attention of the world', stated 'Her World' magazine when featuring the maritime industry in their August 2018 issue. One of the featured professionals was Odfjell's Ship Operator Farhana Samat.

This story is an excerpt of a feature article in Singapore’s ‘Her World’ magazine, August 2018 issue.
There are more than 4,700 Singapore-registered vessels, carrying at least 88 million tonnes of cargo. It takes a dedicated team to ensure that the vessels and crew meet high standards of safety and function. (...)

Smooth Operator

Ensuring a smooth voyage is not just the job of the crew on board; it requires the combined efforts of charterers, brokers, agents, ship managers, the crew, and suppliers of shipping necessities. And the person who ties it all together: a Ship Operator like Farhana binte Samat. 

Farhana is a multitasker who has to communicate with all these parties to ensure that shipments are carried out without a hitch. This may sound like a tall order, but Farhana takes it all in her stride. 

“Work can be daunting at times as ships are moving 24/7, so it is very important that you don’t panic when things get overwhelming”

Amid the bustle of work, Farhana finds joy in hanging out with colleagues who come from all walks of life. 

“There is a nice mix of background and experiences, so there isn’t any issue about blending in. You get to hear fascinating stories from ex-sailors and shore-based personnel” 

Farhana binte Samat, Ship Operator
Odfjell Singapore 

Farhana Samat has made a career as Ship Operator at Odfjell Singapore

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