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Odfjell seafarers awarded for loyalty and dedication

At a celebratory ceremony in Manila, sixteen Odfjell seafarers were awarded for their unparalleled contributions to the company.

The following seafarers were honored for working at Odfjell for at least 25 years, and were presented with a plaque and gold watch by VP Maritime Personnel Svend Foyn-Bruun, Odfjell Philippines, Inc. president Captain Remigio Zamora, and VP-Head of Crewing Agnes Enesio:

Able Seaman​ Basilio Alambra joined Odfjell on December 10, 1993. He first boarded the Bow Plata, as an Able Seaman. He also sailed on board Bow Hunter, Bow Prima, and Bow Century. His last two vessels prior retirement were Bow Trajectory and Bow Sirius.

Chief Cook Edwel Cobrador first embarked on an Odfjell vessel on March 22, 1993 as Deck Cadet. Bow Princess, NCC Mekka, and Bow Firda Old are some of the ships he sailed with in the past before he recently signed off from Bow Tribute.

Bosun Andy Cortiguerra joined his first Odfjell vessel, Bow Apollo, as a Messman on May 22, 1993. During his early years in service, he boarded Bow Gorgonilla, Old Antisana, and NCC Jouf. Bow Triumph and Bow Trident were his last two vessels.

Captain Roderick Demaisip started his career with Odfjell as a Deck Cadet on board Bow Lancer on May 26, 1994. Bow Viking Old, NCC Jubail, and Bow Pioneer Old were some of his previous vessels. He was promoted to Chief Officer in 2007 and in 2012, he commanded Bow Santos as a Captain.

Messman Joseph Dizon joined Odfjell as a Deck Cadet on board NCC Yamamah on April 7, 1995. Bow Lion, Bow Querida, and Bow Singapore were a few of the vessels he served in the past. In June 2020, he signed off from Bow Fagus and later signified his early retirement.

Chief Cook​ Angel Lepardo joined Odfjell on December 18, 1996. Among the vessels he sailed with were NCC Madinah, NCC Jizan and Bow Viking Old. After signing off from Bow Flora October last year, he decided to retire from his profession.

Third Engineer​ Rafael Miciano joined Odfjell as a Motorman on board Bow Panther on November 23, 1994. During the course of his career, he also served Bow Spring Old, Bow Sun Old, and Bow Eagle. After 25 years in service, he signified his retirement. His last vessel was Bow Tribute.

Messman Fidel Nava first joined Odfjell as a Deck Cadet onboard Bow Petros on October 22, 1998. He also sailed with Bow Pioneer Old, Bow Cecil, and Bow Panther. Bow Fortune and Bow Sun were the ships he recently sailed with.

Captain Reynaldo Noveno started his Odfjell career as a Deck Cadet on board Bow Transporter. During the course of his career, he sailed on board NCC Madinah, NCC Jizan, and Bow Pilot. In February 2004, he was promoted to Chief Officer, and four years later in October 2008, commanded his first vessel as Captain, Bow Santos.

Able Seaman​ Roy Ordonio joined Odfjell on April 10, 1989 as a Deck Cadet onboard Bow Star Old 1. In the past, he sailed with NCC Najran, Bow Lion, and Bow Panther. He served on board Bow Sirius as his last vessel before his retirement.

Messman Joselito Quintano joined Odfjell on November 11, 1992 as a Radio Officer on board NCC Najra. He later sailed with several vessels such as Bow Fortune Old, Bow Sun Old, and Bow Saphir, and recently, Bow Flower and Bow Sea.

Chief Officer Glicerio Rafael started in Odfjell on November 22, 1994 as an Ordinary Seaman on board NCC Najran. Among the vessels he sailed with were NCC Mekka, Bow Sea Old and Bow Saphir. He has served as Chief Officer since September 2011, most recently on board Bow Excellence and Bow Cardinal.

Chief Cook Carlo Rubio started his Odfjell career on May 12, 1993 as a Messman on board Bow Eagle. He also boarded NCC Najran, NCC Mekka, and Bow Sea Old, among others, until he served on board Bow Fagus prior his retirement.

Able Seaman Benjamin Tacad joined Odfjell on November 12, 1997 as a Messman. His previous vessels include Bow Lady, NCC Najran and NCC Madinah. He retired from seafaring in December last year, after disembarking from Bow Hercules.

Fitter Alvin Jens Varga started in Odfjell on May 31, 1993 as an Engine Cadet on board NCC Tihamah. In the past, he sailed with Bow Pioneer Old, Bow Hunter and NCC Jouf, and recently, on board Bow Firda and Bow Excellence.

Fitter Roberto Villasis joined Odfjell on April 23, 1996, serving as Fitter on board Bow Lady. He later boarded, among others, Bow Princess, Bow Saphir, and NCC Jubail. He signed off in June 2021 from Bow Oceanic, his last vessel assignment prior retirement.

In a recorded message, CEO Harald Fotland congratulated the awardees and thanked them for the other type of loyalty that they have shown during the pandemic:

“As the past two years have shown, there is another facet of this loyalty. When the pandemic swept the world in the beginning of 2020, our biggest challenge was crew change. Due to national lockdowns and port restrictions, seafarers on board were not able to come home, and those at home were stuck on vacation. During these unprecedented times, you stood by the company and you made sacrifices: you extended your contracts when needed, you shortened your vacation when needed, and when called for duty, you stood up. You were all patient when our efforts fell short. Such loyalty is something every one of us should be proud of.”

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