Core competence training

Odfjell is dependent on highly competent crew for our day-to-day operations, and we have a continuous focus on competence development and training. 

In Odfjell, experienced staff from sea and shore, and from our partners, facilitate training that is continually reviewed and kept up-to-date. Top-of-the-line training equipment and facilities allow our seafarers to be familiar with technical procedures and safety features, even before they go on board.

Competence is more than expert knowledge and excellent skills, it is also about having the right attitude. Apart from leadership and technical courses, Odfjell also offers a quality safety culture program recognized as a best practice by our oil major customers.

Seafarers’ training

 assorted courses delivered weekly
7,226 training days for mariners

 assorted courses delivered weekly
11,224 training days for mariners

Odfjell Cadetship Program

Cultivating leadership

Since 2002, Odfjell has sponsored thousands of students aiming for a maritime career. 

Through our scholarship program, we have more than 50 cadets enrolled in classes and on board various ships at any time. As of May 2019, the Odfjell Cadetship program has educated 295 graduates. These graduates continue to excel and many of them have already become Odfjell’s reliable officers.