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Noord Natie Odfjell Antwerp Terminal

Strategically located in the Port of Antwerp, Noord Natie Odfjell Antwerp Terminal (NNOAT) is a leader in the European chemical storage market. The terminal offers a unique combination of storage and related ‘value added’ services for several types of liquids. 

  • Total storage capacity: 425,000 cbm
  • 240 tanks ranging from 400 cbm to 8,200 cbm, divided over 16 interconnected tank pits
  • Stainless steel storage capacity: 119,832 cbm
  • 8 berths for seagoing vessels
  • 3 berths for barges
  • 2,500 meters mooring capacity

NNOAT has easy access to sea, inland waterways, roads and railways. The terminal provides storage and related activities for chemicals, liquids for human or animal consumption, mineral oils, base oil, oleochemicals and biofuels. 

NNOAT has a wide variety of tanks with multiple sizes ranging from 400 cbm to 8,200 cbm of different materials like mild steel, coated or stainless steel tanks, and a variety of types of tank equipment like insulation, steam heating, electrical heating, nitrogen installation and vapor return systems.

The terminal has food grade approvals for the storage of food, feed grade chemicals and kosher storage. No matter how specific the storage requirements of the liquids are, a suitable tank will be at hand. 

Expansion of about 115,000 cbm is underway. A new tank pit of 36,000 cbm, consisting of six tanks of 6,000 cbm will be operational by the end of 2023. 

The combination of chemical transportation at sea and flexible storage ashore offers effective and flexible synergies for Odfjell’s customers.  

Odfjell has a 25% stake in Noord Natie Odfjell Antwerp Terminal. 


Noord Natie Odfjell Terminal

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