Board of Directors

Picture of Laurence W. Odfjell, Chair

Laurence W. Odfjell, Chair


Laurence Ward Odfjell (1965) is a member of the founding family of the Company and former President of Odfjell Terminals BV. He served as board member from 2004 to 2007 after working for the Odfjell family’s private terminals in South America. In 2010 he succeeded his father Dan as Executive Chair of Odfjell SE. 

He holds a Master in Architecture from Yale University. Norwegian citizen. Norchem AS, in which Laurence Odfjell has a controlling interest, owns 25,966,492 A-shares and 7,668,450 B-shares (incl. related parties). In addition, Laurence Odfjell owns 463,012 B-shares. No options.

Chair of the Board since May 4, 2010.