Advanced Propulsion

To optimize efficiency, Odfjell initiated a project in 2015 to upgrade the propulsion system on 19 of our chemical tankers. The end result is a reduction of fuel consumption by more than 20%.

The project is part of Odfjell’s continuous work to provide our customers with the most efficient services and transportation, while reducing our carbon footprint. The upgrade includes new energy efficient Kappel propellers, rudder-bulbs and technical upgrades of the main engines, turbochargers and shaft generator.

“We achieve more than 20% and in corporate terms depending on the clauses this means a saving of between six to seven tonnes of fuel less consumption every day. Which is fantastic for us, for the customers, and is good for the environment.”

Harald Fotland, COO, Odfjell SE

RightShip, the ship approval system used to verify vessel efficiency, has confirmed the fuel savings Odfjell has achieved using MAN Diesel & Turbo’s Kappel Propeller upgrade package. After the upgrade, the vessels are amongst the most energy efficient chemical tankers in the world, and achieve the highest score on the RightShip’s energy rating, A+.






“It is a fabulous commitment for Odfjell to go down this path. It’s a great use of technology and the full package to achiece such an improvement on efficiency”

Warwick Norman, former CEO Rightship

Learn more about the efficiency and emission benefits in this interview with Warwick Norman: 

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