Weather Routing

Advanced weather forecast analysis optimizes our vessels' safety and efficiency on their journeys.

Odfjell vessels call on 4000 ports and carry several hundred specialized products every year. As a global, long-term operator handling hazardous cargo, we depend on safe, predictable and competitive solutions. The continuous work to improve fleet performance and enhance safety has inspired unique technological solutions for data surveillance and route optimization.

To further improve fleet route planning, surveillance, quality and efficiency, Odfjell works closely with StormGeo – a world leader in weather forecasting services. Using their weather routing service, in combination with the on-board software and our internal setup, our vessels navigate to avoid adverse currents, high seas and rough weather, thus also ensuring a safer journey for crew, cargo and vessel. In the process, we also reduce fuel costs and reduce emissions. A winning combination for our company, our customers and the environment.

In 2017 alone, weather routing was applied on 960 voyages, resulting in a save of 67 days, 1965 tonnes of fuel – and 6092 tonnes CO2.

Hear Erik Hjortland, VP Technology and previous Manager Fleet Performance and Bunkering in Odfjell Tankers, explain why Odfjell uses weather routing to enhance safety, reduce fuel consumption, cost and carbon emissions. Video by courtesy of StormGeo:

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