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Bow Persistent enters Odfjell's fleet

A new tailor-made vessel entered Odfjell’s 80 ship fleet on June 24, 2020. The newbuilt 36,000 dwt chemical tanker joins sister ship Bow Prosper in our round-the-world trade, adding further flexibility and leading services to our customers.

Since the naming ceremony in January, the Japanese yard, the crew, Odfjell’s Ship Management team, shipowner Taihei, vendors and suppliers have put the final touches on the specially designed supersegregator. With the past months of pandemic challenges, the milestone of the handover from the yard to owner was extra welcomed and celebrated.

The Norwegian flag was hoisted on board before the ship left the Fukuoka shipyard and embarked on her maiden voyage to Sandakan port in Malaysia.

The Norwegian flag is hoisted as Bow Persistent enters the Odfjell fleet

Bow Persistent is the newest addition to Odfjell's fleet of chemical tankers

Bow Persistent and Bow Prosper have leading technology and features that are tailored for the advanced chemical tanker segment. The sister ships are two of a total 30 new ships to enter Odfjell’s fleet between 2017 and 2020.

“We work tirelessly to bring the industry forward through numerous improvements to safety, improved procedures, equipment, and ship concepts. With the introduction of these vessels, we will further improve our environmental footprint. This project is the result of joint efforts – all the way from the concept discussions, through the drawing board, negotiations on technical solutions and equipment, and through the construction phase”

CEO Kristian Mørch, Odfjell

Bow Persistent joins the fleet on bareboat charter from owner Taihei, and will be commercially managed by Odfjell Tankers, technically managed by Odfjell Ship Management and manned by Odfjell seafarers.

36,000 dwt chemical tanker Bow Persistent

Vessel facts: 

  • 36,000 dwt
  • 28 stainless steel tanks
  • Length overall: 183 meters
  • Breadth 28.30 meters
  • Depth: 11.30 meters
  • Thermal Oil heating capacity 


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