Lindsay Goldberg considering sale of its stake in Odfjell Terminals BV

Odfjell SE considering a tag along of its shareholding in Odfjell Terminals Rotterdam.

Odfjell SE ("Odfjell") has been informed by Lindsay Goldberg ("LG") that they are considering a sale of its 49% shareholding in Odfjell Terminals BV ("OTBV").

Odfjell continues to consider Odfjell Terminals (OTBV) as core business and are committed long term to owning, developing and operating tank terminals. However, as a part of LG's considered sale, Odfjell will evaluate selling its indirect 51% shareholding in OTBV subsidiary Odfjell Terminals Rotterdam ("OTR").

LG has been Odfjell's joint venture partner in OTBV's US and European terminals since 2011. In 2013, the partnership was expanded to include OTBV's global terminal operations.

Published May 8, 2018. 

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