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Newbuilt 38,000 dwt chemical tanker marks final chapter of Odfjell fleet renewal program

After a construction phase characterized by pandemic obstacles, it was an extra special occasion when the newbuilt chemical tanker Bow Explorer set sail for the sea trials. With this, we enter the final stages of Odfjell’s newbuilding program at Hudong Shipyard, and the first of two 38,000 dwt stainless steel vessel is soon ready to enter the fleet.


Odfjell’s major fleet renewal program was initiated back in 2016. Since then, we have welcomed 30 brand new vessels. These ships are tailor-made for the chemical tanker trade and have the most recent design and technology onboard, but the individual sizes, tanks and features vary to secure a most optimal fleet composition.

When the fleet renewal is completed, our combined services and flexibility will answer to our customers’ broad set of requirements – while also answering to the international ambitions for eco-friendly, sustainable shipping. 

The final two ships of our renewal program are currently under construction at the Hudong-Zhonghua shipyard in China. The last phase has been an exceptional one. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, restrictions first affected activity in China before also restricting travels and deliveries to and from the yard.

Odfjell, the yard and partners have handled many unforeseen obstacles along the way, and it was therefore an extra happy moment when the first of the two 38,000 dwt newbuilds embarked on a long-awaited sea trial. A milestone is met, and Bow Explorer is set to enter the Odfjell fleet later this year. 

Being built on the same yard and with the same advanced features as the award-winning 49,000 dwt Bow Orion, Bow Explorer and her sister will be another quality addition to Odfjell’s fleet. The ships are smaller in size with the 38,000 dwt, but have more tanks. The 40 stainless steel cargo tanks will add further flexibility and give our customers the best transportation and storage for their chemicals and liquids.

Specifications, Bow Explorer

  • Double Hull IMO II Tanker for chemicals and oil products
  • 40 cargo tanks, stainless steel material (Duplex 2205)
  • ECO design hull with large propeller and de-rated main engine
  • Service speed at design draft: 14 knots
  • Main engine consumption at design draft: about 18.6 MT/24 hr (HFO)
  • Length overall: 182.88 m
  • Length between perpendiculars: 179.43 m
  • Breadth: 32.20 m
  • Deadweight: 38.235 mt
  • PO Capacity C1-C12: 18.967 cbm
  • Thermal oil heating capacity: 2.098 cbm

Energy-saving features: 

  • Large fixed propeller and asymmetric rudder with rudder bulb.
  • Main engine with long stroke and low SFOC, separate FW cooling system for scavenging cooler
  • LED type lighting including floodlights and navigation lights
  • Engine room fans frequency-controlled including pressure, temperature and main engine fuel index
  • Boilers with frequency-controlled fans
  • Air-condition system of water chiller type with heat recovery wheel and frequency-controlled supply/exhaust fans
  • Main seawater cooling pumps with frequency control
  • LT cooling pumps with dedicated harbor cooling pump

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