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Odfjell Receives 'Commitment to Excellence Award'

Odfjell was awarded the 2024 'Commitment to Excellence Award - Chemical Tankers' at the International Chemical & Product Tanker Conference in London on April 24. This prestigious accolade, presented by Riviera Maritime Media, underscores Odfjell's exceptional contributions to the international chemical tanker industry.

The award is presented to “an individual or entity, who in the opinion of the Riviera editorial team, has made a contribution of outstanding significance to the international chemical tanker industry.” The award ceremony spotlighted Odfjell’s outstanding achievements through many years, with a notable emphasis on the company's “unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability.”

Marine Manager Jan Ove Ødegård accepts the award from Executive Editor Edwin Lampert, Riviera Maritime Media

Marine Manager Jan Ove Ødegård accepted the award on behalf of Odfjell:

“On behalf of everyone at Odfjell SE, from our dedicated trainees to our experienced seafarers, and from our diligent corporate staff to our visionary management team, I extend our deepest thanks for this prestigious recognition,” he said, and continued: “Our commitment to operational excellence is driven by a foundational respect for marine environments, underscored by stringent safety protocols and a proactive stance on sustainability. Amidst record-breaking temperatures and shifting regulatory landscapes, Odfjell has not only persevered but has set new benchmarks in sustainability and efficiency.”

Odfjell's proactive approach to decarbonization initiatives has yielded remarkable results, evidenced by a notable 51% improvement in carbon intensity since 2008.


In an article covering the award, Riviera Maritime Media highlights the upcoming installation of bound4blue’s groundbreaking eSAIL system on a chemical tanker.

The integration of this system marks another significant milestone in Odfjell’s ongoing efforts to enhance energy efficiency across the fleet.


“The introduction of new technologies has been pivotal to our achievements,” Ødegård said in his address. “With over 135 energy-saving devices retrofitted since 2014, and significant investments in air lubrication and wind-assisted propulsion systems, we are not just preparing for the future; we are actively shaping it. The forthcoming addition of 12 new energy-efficient vessels is a clear indicator of our proactive strategies to further reduce our carbon footprint.”

In addition to technological advancements, Odfjell has implemented forward-thinking strategies to address emissions reduction by introducing an innovative Transition Finance Framework, sustainability-linked bonds, and a system to allocate the CO2 footprint of cargo to charterers as a basis for the Emission Trading System (ETS) – incentivizing providers with lower CO2 tax implications.

The 2024 International Chemical & Product Tanker Conference, organized by Tanker Shipping & Trade, convenes key senior commercial and technical management from chemical, product, and LPG shipping for a two-day event. The program includes market analysis, sustainability strategies, safety advances, and operational innovation. Ødegård underlined the critical need for collaboration:

“While we as an industry celebrate tonight's accolades and our past achievements, it is crucial to acknowledge the array of challenges that lie on the horizon for the shipping industry. The journey towards sustainability and operational excellence is fraught with complexities that extend far beyond the reach of any single entity. It is imperative that we, as we advance our technologies and reduce our environmental footprint, also ensure that the benefits of these innovations are shared widely and fairly. Partnerships among shipping companies, collaborations with energy providers, and engagements with regulatory bodies are all facets of this concerted effort.”

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