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Odfjell seafarers honored at anniversary event

Three Odfjell Chief Engineers were awarded for their valuable contributions to the company at an anniversary celebration held in Bergen.

The anniversary events honor seafarers who have worked at Odfjell for 25 years or more. In addition to receiving the Odfjell gold watch, the Norwegian Shipowners' Association (NSA)  also awards a gold medal to those who have worked in the maritime business for more than 30 years, including at least 20 years at sea and 15 years with the same company.

Three Chief Engineers were honored at the April 2022 anniversary event: Svenn Rune Svendsen was awarded the Odfjell gold watch and the NSA gold medal, Jan Tore Knudsen was awarded the gold watch, and Jan Ole Kristiansen the NSA gold medal.

"To succeed over time, a company needs to find the right balance between change and stability. One of our most important stabilizing factors is our competent and loyal employees, our experts in Odfjell's core business. With this in mind, it is a great honor for me to give the awards to our three esteemed Chief Engineers today. They represent the competence and stability we need to be world-class every day, and to reach our goals in the longer run."

Knut Erik Fredriksen, VP Fleet Management 

Chief Engineer Jan Tore Knudsen began his seafaring career in Odfjell back in 1991 as an Engine cadet on Bow Leopard. He was promoted to 2nd Engineer in 1994, to 1st Engineer in 1998, and has sailed as Chief Engineer since 2004. He has served on numerous Odfjell vessels through the years, including Bow Sun, Bow Saphir, Bow Faith, Bow Cardinal, Bow Flora, Bow Tribute, Bow Star, NCC Mekka, and finally Bow Fortune where he currently serves.

Chief Engineer Svenn Rune Svendsen started out as a seafarer in 1985 as a trainee on the old Bow Sea, where he sailed for a year. He returned to Odfjell ten years later as Pumpman on old Bow Sun, and was promoted to 2nd Engineer in 1998, and to 1st Engineer in 2002. He has been Chief Engineer since 2016, today on board Bow Chain. Through the years he has sailed on various Odfjell vessels, among them Bow Century, Bow Brasilia, Bow Faith, Bow Flora and Bow Fortune.

Chief Engineer Jan Ole Kristiansen began his seafaring career with Wallenius Wilhelmsen in 1983. Before joining Odfjell in 1990 as 2nd Engineer, he worked for other shipping companies and at the Kværner/Kleven yard. He was promoted to 1st Engineer at Odfjell in 1995 and to Chief Engineer in 2001, and has since sailed on NCC Najran, Bow Fortune, Bow Fagus, and Bow Flora, where he currently serves.

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