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25- and 40-year anniversaries celebrated in Bergen

'You are among our most important role models and are leading by example for the next generation of Odfjell’ers. On behalf of the company: We are proud and grateful to celebrate you today.' It was a moved COO who hosted his second anniversary celebration in a month, this time in honor of seven onshore colleagues who have reached the impressive 25- and 40-year milestones at Odfjell.

Odfjell colleagues celebrates 40- and 25-year tenures at the company. Photo: Gunnar Eide

From left, back: Rune Larsen (Senior Marine Superintendent), Hans-Christian Rabben (VP Middle East/India & Africa), Thomas Lieske (Senior Marine Superintendent), Svend Foyn-Bruun (VP Maritime Personnel), Erik Hjortland (VP Technology), Knut Erik Fredriksen (VP Fleet Management), Arne Harkestad (VP Operations), Nils Tofterå (Teamleader MSG), Torger Trige (Global Head of Ship Management), Willy Thorsen (Manager Port Performance). ​From left, front: Laurence W. Odfjell (Chair), Karin Blom (Senior Coordinator Ship Management), Sissel Jakobsen (Senior Ship Operator), Harald Fotland (COO).

“The setting of this dinner cannot be better: We are gathered with the sole purpose of celebrating competent, nice and loyal colleagues. You are setting a standard and you do it in a way that makes me look forward to coming to work every single day – and I know I’m joined by my colleagues in saying that,” Harald Fotland said in his welcoming speech, and continued: “The ships are not our most important resource. People are.”

Chair Laurence W. Odfjell presented the individual awards and included a personal message to all, including a brief history of their history with Odfjell.

Odfjell employees awarded for 25- and 40 years tenure at the company. Photo: Gunnar Eide

From left, back: Thomas Lieske, Svend Foyn-Bruun, Rune Larsen, Nils Tofterå, Willy Thorsen. Front: Karin Blom, Sissel Jakobsen. Photo: Gunnar Eide


Karin Blom, Senior Coordinator Ship Management – 40 years

Karin had her first day in Odfjell in 1981, and has served in various positions through the years, among them in the Newbuilding department, as Executive Assistant and today in the Technology/Asset Maintenance Group.

Nils Tofterå, Team leader MSG – 25 years

Nils started out as second officer in 1994. He sailed on several of the NCC ships and held the position as Chief Officer from 1999 to 2003. He then signed off to work out of the headquarters as Cargo Handling Advisor, Manager Cargo Handling and Manager Marine Services, and from 2018 as Teamleder MSG.

Rune Larsen, Senior Marine Superintendent – 25 years

In 1996, Rune signed on as second officer on Bow Hunter. He sailed as Chief Officer from 1998 to 2007 and as Captain from 2007 to 2018. He then disembarked for a position as Marine Superintendent ashore.

Sissel Jakobsen, Senior Ship Operator – 25 years

Sissel has worked at Odfjell since 1994 and was appointed Ship Operator as early as 1999. Today, she is Senior Ship Operator at the Middle East, India & Africa team.

Svend Foyn-Bruun, VP Maritime Personnel – 25 years

Svend started out in Odfjell as Ship Operator in 1996 and has since held various positions within Odfjell Tankers and Ship Management, among them Cargo Analyst, VP Operation Support, VP Ship Operation, and latest as VP Maritime Personnel as of June 2020.

Thomas Lieske, Senior Marine Superintendent – 25 years

Thomas has been with Odfjell since he signed on as Deck Cadet in 1996 on board Bow Flower. He quickly moved up the ranks and sailed as Chief Officer from 2004 to 2007 until he disembarked for the position as Marine Superintendent.

Willy Thorsen, Manager Port Performance – 25 years

Willy started out on board as second officer in 1994, and was appointed Chief Officer the same year. In 1998, he was appointed Port Captain in Saudi Arabia and later in Dubai. Since 2008 he held the Super Cargo position until he was appointed as Manager Port Performance in November 2021.

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