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Sustainability strategy

Embracing sustainability for long-term growth: Sustainable operations answer to current demands without compromising the health and safety, and opportunities of future generations. No matter where we are, at sea or onshore, we can make sustainable decisions that drive change. 

Our responsibility

  • Keeping our people safe

  • Minimizing our environmental footprints

  • Contributing to healthy communities

  • Contributing to healthy oceans

  • Being profitable

Our license to operate goes hand-in-hand with our social responsibility. Responsible practices and long-term business perspectives are inextricably linked to sustainability. 

  • We are committed to operating a sustainable business, continuously seek improvements, and actively support the achievement of relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • We support sustainable finance market developments, including the broader social and environmental progress that this type of financing can advance – and we recognize the vital role that debt markets can play in encouraging companies to enhance sustainability efforts.
    We believe that sustainable financing will become the norm, with a clear alignment between capital and corporate commitment.
  • Since 2015, Odfjell has completed one of the most extensive fleet renewal programs in the company's history. The result is one of the world’s most efficient and environmentally friendly fleet.


We believe that  fleet modernization, along with a clear commitment to keep reducing emissions and operate to high standards, represents good risk management for the company and benefits our various share- and stakeholders.

“Throughout our more than 100-year history, Odfjell has taken a long-term view on how we do business – sustainability is deeply rooted in our DNA. We will only be able to prosper and grow if we act in a sustainable way.”

Øistein Jensen, Chief Sustainability Officer

Materiality assessment

To better understand what matters most to Odfjell and our stakeholders from an ESG perspective, we have conducted a materiality assessment, published here

Our materiality assessment shows how material ESG topics are to our stakeholders and to Odfjell. This is updated annually, and we also present the changes in the assessment from the previous year. Most environmental concerns are receiving growing attention from our stakeholders, with climate change and emissions at the top of the list. We also observe greater awareness of Nature and biodiversity risks. That is why we have incorporated a Nature risk assessment this year.

We also do a double materiality evaluation, in which we evaluate these same topics and how they can impact the environment and society and how they can have a financial impact on Odfjell.

Sustainability: A long-term business perspective

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