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Odfjell is an international, culturally diverse organization, but we recognize that we need to increase the gender diversity. This challenge is not Odfjell’s alone; it is a challenge for our industry as a whole. We have set an clear target to increase diversity within the shipping shore organization, and aim to reach a minimum 30% gender balance, at all levels, by 2030.

Diversity and Inclusion Odfjell

Diversity goes beyond gender, and it goes beyond age and nationality. It is about all people, all backgrounds, all phases of life. It is about ethnicity, experience, educational background, age, competence, culture, point of view, sexual orientation, religion, and disability. It is also about different perspectives and diversity of thought.

Inclusion puts diversity into action by creating an environment of belonging, respect, and connection. We strive to provide a safe and inclusive workplace for all, where uniqueness is valued, and everyone is treated with respect. Diversity is the mix – inclusion is making the mix work. 

We strive to foster an organization that values diversity, equality and collaboration – and a working environment where employees are valued for their uniqueness, where they can contribute. We seek to develop diverse and inclusive teams of people with a broad range of skills, experience, perspectives and backgrounds.

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