Odfjell Terminals Houston receives Eastman's Supplier Excellence Award

Eastman annually recognizes suppliers that have performed above and beyond the expectations of their Supplier Excellence Program.

This year, Odfjell Terminals Houston has been awarded the Supplier's Excellence Award. The award is given to "suppliers who meet on-time delivery requirements, conform to order specifications, and prove continual improvement through significant, documented value-add projects". 

This is the first time that Odfjell Terminals is awarded Eastman's Suppliers Excellence Award. The award is for OTH's support during the Eastman October 4th 2017 event, where they were at risk of a significant shutdown of their production unit as a result of a process startup upset. 

OTH helped reverse the supply chain to keep Eastman's business going, when their gasification plants were down. Plan was hatched and agreed to in a week’s time and it formed the nucleus around which other suppliers (rail, marine and trucking companies) worked to connect Eastman raw material suppliers from global/domestic sources to their production site in Kingsport, TN.

Commenting on the project in a previous interview, Eastman's Director of Supply Chain Execution & Global Logistics, Kevin Pruitt, said:

“This has really been an incredible team effort, showing that just about anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Now, we see new opportunities based on this experience, and the paradigm of ‘that’s not possible’ is left behind. This whole experience has shown us the potential we have when the right people work together on a common cause.”

OTH has previously received Eastman's Suppliers' Improvement Award (2014), and the Suppliers' Safety and Operational Excellence Award (2016).

The Odfjell Terminals Houston team together with Eastman management team at the award ceremony in May.
Photo: Eastman

About the Program:
Established in 1993, the Eastman Supplier Excellence Program (ESEP) focuses on building and improving Eastman’s relationships with its suppliers. ESEP provides a continuous process to ensure materials, equipment and services of the highest quality are supplied to Eastman at the best value. Read more about the awards on Eastman.com. 

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