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A new path through the waves

The new online series ‘Blue Horizons’ features people and projects working for a better future for the oceans.

Produced by BBC StoryWorks, Odfjell’s episode follows Lise Henriksen from the spectacular nature of her childhood home to the world’s oceans as our first female Captain, while VP Technology Erik Hjortland shares how we bring our time-honored maritime expertise to the modern-day challenge of sustainability at sea. Watch the episode: 


Efficiency unleashed: Odfjell achieves 26 vessel inspections in record time

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Odfjell introduces an innovative transition finance framework

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Odfjell first to install suction sails on deep-sea chemical tanker

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Latest stock market notices:

Annual General Meeting 2024 - Minutes

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Safe shipping & storage

Most of the products we use in our everyday life are made by using chemicals – from the clothes we wear to the water bottle we drink from,
and the medicine we sometimes take. Our job is to transport and store these chemicals, and to make sure that our customers all over the world get them delivered safely, efficiently, on time. Worldwide, 24/7.

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