About us

The Odfjell Group is one of the world leaders in the global market for seaborne transportation and storage of chemicals and other specialty bulk liquids. 

Established in 1914, Odfjell pioneered the development of the chemical tanker trade in the 1950s and the tank storage business in the late 1960s. 

As a leading chemical tanker operator and an integral part of global trade, we carry a great responsibility. We keep safety and sustainability at the core of our every move, and are continuously searching for ways to improve our services and take the best care of our customers, our partners and investors, our staff and our environment. On board and ashore, locally and globally. 

With more than 100 years of operation, we have proven our ability to deliver and succeed in ever changing, highly competitive markets. We are leaning on our strong history when moving forward, and building for a sustainable future. 

Key facts

  • 2530 employees
  • Of these: 1663 seafarers | 490 terminal employees | 377 shipping employees on shore
  • Operating +/- 85 ships
  • 18 offices around the world
  • Seven terminals at key strategic locations: 552 tanks and 1.47 million cbm storage capacity


Key numbers 2017

  • Gross revenue: USD 843 million
  • EBITDA: USD 255 million
  • Operating result: USD 144 million
  • Net result: USD 91 million

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