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Another impressive win: OTK receives Korea Safety Award

On November 3, OTK received the prestigious Korea Safety Award from the National Fire Agency Chief, recognizing their outstanding commitment to safety in the excellent corporate category. 

Yong-Chan Gill and Donghee Lee from OTK's QHSE department.

This award is a testament to the dedication of the entire OTK team to maintaining exceptional safety performance for more than a decade. It highlights their continuous efforts to uphold the highest safety standards in the industry. 

 "OTK truly embodies Odfjell’s uncompromising focus on safety. The Korea Safety Award, as well as the recent Tank Storage Safety Excellence Award are strong testaments to this. Congratulations to the entire OTK team for this great achievement."

Adrian Lenning, Managing Director, Odfjell Terminals

For the past 22 years, the Korea Safety Award has been awarded to deserving businesses in Korea on an annual basis. This year's ceremony for the Korea Safety Awards took place in Jung-gu, Seoul, at the Ferrum Tower's Ferrum Hall.  

Selection Process 

After submitting their application, including crucial safety data, to the designated authority agency, OTK was selected as one of the first shortlisted candidates out of 200 companies that applied, showcasing the strength of their safety initiatives.

In the following months, a team of five experts from relevant authorities conducted a thorough on-site evaluation of their safety systems and firefighting facilities. This evaluation was pivotal in determining the award's recipient.

On September 22, OTK received official notification that OTK was declared the winner of the Korea Safety Award, an honor bestowed by the National Fire Agency Chief himself. 

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