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Approval of base prospectus and change of ISIN

The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway has on May 11, 2022, approved Odfjell SE’s Registration Document and a Securities Note, both dated May 11, 2022.

The Registration Document and Securities Note were prepared in connection with the listing on the Oslo Stock Exchange of the Odfjell SE FRN senior unsecured NOK 275,000,000 bond tap issue dated November 19, 2021 with temporary ISIN NO0011154676.

The Registration Document and Securities Note are available at

The bond issue with temporary ISIN NO0011154676 will be merged with the bond issue with original ISIN NO0010832181 on May 18, 2022. Please see the attached notice from Nordic Trustee for details.

Notice, Nordic Trustee – ISIN NO0011154676

Contact: ​

Bjørn Kristian Røed, VP Corporate Analysis & IR
Tel: +47 409 19 868

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