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Awarding ceremony for 22 loyal Odfjell'ers

‘Your loyalty is also a strategic asset of Odfjell,’ said Chair Laurence Odfjell as 21 seafarers and seafarer-turned-office-employee were awarded for reaching 25 years in the company.

The awardees were honored before an audience of sea and shore colleagues, and the awardees’ family members. These loyal colleagues join the elite group of over 430 seafarers with more than 25 years in Odfjell.

Our awardees are today are amongst our most elite, experienced seafarers. They represent competence, and hopefully, also wisdom, for less experienced colleagues.

Laurence Odfjell, Chair, Odfjell SE

Chief Cook Jessie Alceso joined Odfjell as a Mess Man on board Old Bow Sun in January 1994. This cooperative and supportive colleague also served on board NCC Najran, Bow Pilot and Bow Prima. He disembarked from Bow Star last September.

Chief Engineer Diony Aspa started his Odfjell career as an Oiler on Bow Leopard in 1996. He had boarded Bow Lion, Bow Heron and Bow Mariner, and recently, Bow Lind. He was promoted to Second Engineer in 2005, and was named Chief Engineer in 2011. Since becoming a Management Level Officer, this dependable seafarer has displayed commendable leadership on board.

Captain Randy Allan Cabiao became an Odfjell’er in 1997, serving as Deck Cadet on board Bow Mariner. During his early years in service, he joined Bow Leopard, Bow Victor, and Bow Cedar. He was promoted to Chief Officer in 2010, remained committed and strived until he was promoted to Captain in 2016, commanding Bow Cedar. He is now among Odfjell’s finest and most respected leaders on board.

Motor Man Nelson Dullas joined Odfjell as an Engine Cadet on board Bow Heron in June 1996. A reliable presence on board, this hardworking crew had also sailed with Bow Transporter, Bow Cheetah and Bow Fertility.

Captain Eduardo Gayanilo started with Odfjell as an Ordinary Seaman in 1997. Early in his career, he served Bow Transporter, Bow Panther and Bow Viking. He was promoted to Chief Officer in 2011, and took his first command as Captain on Bow Nangang six years later. He remains one of the most reliable and dependable leaders at sea for Odfjell.

Motorman Glenn Hebron started with Odfjell as an Engine Cadet in October 1996. This hardworking seafarer served on board Bow Fighter, Bow Lion and NCC Madinah, to name a few.

Second Engineer Esperidion Ibarra joined Odfjell as a First Assistant Engineer in 1997. Old Bow Star, Bow Eagle and Old Bow Sky were the ships he boarded early in his career. In November 2000, he was promoted to Second Engineer and continued his excellence performance until his recent retirement.

Able Seaman Norris Imbo joined Odfjell in 1995 as an Ordinary Seaman on board Bow Princess. This well-experienced crew is praised by colleagues for being easy to work with.

Mess Man Reynaldo Lopez first boarded an Odfjell vessel on August 27, 1997. His professionalism and reliability are appreciated by colleagues. He recently signed off from Bow Oceanic.

Bosun Cerilo Manigbas became an Odfjell’er in 1997 when boarded Bow Cardinal as an Ordinary Seaman. This cooperative crewmember also served on board Bow Mate, Bow Sailor and NCC Najran.

Bosun Rafael Manuel joined Odfjell as an Ordinary Seaman on board NCC Baha in 1997. During his early years, he served on Bow Master, Bow Querida, and Bow Mate. This hardworking crewmember is also very knowledgeable about his job.

Chief Engineer Jennifer Mosqueda started his Odfjell career as an Engine Cadet on board NCC Baha in 1996. He sailed with Old Bow Sea, Bow Hunter and Bow Pilot, to name a few. He first served as Second Engineer on board Bow Atlantic, and was promoted to Chief Engineer in 2016. This dependable leader is always ready to heed the call of duty, even if it meant cancelling personal plans.

Chief Engineer Frode Nilsen joined Odfjell as a Third Engineer on board NCC Jizan in June 1996. He also served on board Bow Faith, Bow Optima and Bow Firda, consistently performing well with utmost professionalism. In April 2005, he was promoted to Chief Engineer. He has been continuously employed by Odfjell for over 25 years, and has served the maritime industry for more than 30 years, as recognized by the Norwegian Shipowners Association.

Chief Cook Alexander Pepito became an Odfjell’er on October 25, 1993. His previous vessels include Bow Heron, Bow Antisana and Bow Cecil. He is appreciated by peers for holding high standards for cooking on board, no matter which ship he joins.

Chief Engineer Lorenzo Periabras started his Odfjell career as a Fourth Engineer on January 22, 1994. This diligent seafarer 

Motor Man Albert Quezon joined Odfjell in 1996 as a Wiper on board NCC Timamah. During his early years in service, he joined Old Bow Viking, Bow Hunter and Bow Faith, among others. He is appreciated by peers for being professional and easy to work with.

Captain Armando Quinto started his career in Odfjell in 1996, serving as Ordinary Seaman on board Bow Lion. He also sailed with Bow Leopard, Bow Puma and NCC Mekka. In 2008, he was promoted to Chief Officer, demonstrating good attitude towards his subordinates. He first commanded as a Captain in 2015.

Chief Cook Romulo Rasos joined Odfjell in 1996 as a Radio Operator on board Old Bow Pioneer. His most recent vessels are Bow Clipper and Bow Sky. He may have retired from service, but colleagues’ appreciation for his professionalism remains.

Captain Doevani Rios started his Odfjell career as a Deck Cadet on board NCC Jubail in 1997. Among the vessels he has boarded are Bow Cardinal, Bow Fertility and Bow Leopard. He was promoted to Chief Officer in 2011, demonstrating professionalism and utmost dedication at work. In 2021, he embarked on Bow Oceanic, commanding as Captain.

Chief Cook Vencenzo Sagun joined Odfjell in 1996 as a Mess Man on board NCC Jouf. Fellow crewmembers appreciate his good attitude towards work, and his reliable performance on board.

Captain Marlo Salayo started his Odfjell career as a Third Officer on board Bow Hunter. He was promoted to Captain in October 2008, commanding Old Bow Pioneer. He sailed with Odfjell vessels until 2015. He has held various positions in Odfjell – at sea, at Odfjell Terminals and ashore – with focus on ship audit and crew competence in recent years. He is now part of Manila office’s management team, as Manager Compliance & Competence.

Able Seaman Joselito Tayoto joined Odfjell in 1997 as an Able Seaman on board Bow Mate. Among the vessels he has sailed with are Bow Fortune, Bow Master and Bow Santos. This committed crewmember is known for motivating colleagues by generously sharing his knowledge and experiences.

Congratulations to our seafarer colleagues for this milestone, and thank you for your commitment and loyalty!

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