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Bow Odyssey enters the Odfjell fleet

On January 9, 2020 at 17:15 local time in Shanghai, the third of our series of four newbuilt, 49,000 dwt chemical tankers was officially delivered to Odfjell. Welcome, Bow Odyssey!

The so-called Hudong series consists of four sister vessels, all with the same high-end technology and advanced features that in 2019 earned the first vessel, Bow Orion, the award as ‘Tanker Ship of the Year’. With these four vessels as flagships, and in combination with a total of 30 new vessels that enter our fleet from 2017 throughout 2020, the Odfjell fleet is heavily modernized and of the world’s most energy-efficient and eco-friendly within the chemical tanker segment.

By today, Bow Orion and Bow Olympus are in full swing in our ‘round-the-world’ trade. The ships are designed to cater to the complexity of the chemical tanker trade, and to serve our customers around the world. The fourth and final ship in the series, Bow Optima, will be delivered at the end of the first quarter of 2020. 

The pioneer crew gathers for the flag hoisting

Selected features – the Hudong class: 

  • Built by Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Co.Ltd Shanghai China
  • 49,000 dwt Stainless Steel Chemical Tanker
  • 33 segregated Stainless Steel cargo tanks of Duplex 2205 material
  • Total cargo volume abt. 55 000 m3
  • OCIMF compliant manifold arrangement and separate chemical manifold
  • Consumption 21,5 MT/day at 14,0 knots at design condition
  • Maximum cargo discharge rate is 3600 m3/hr
  • Nitrogen capacity 4500 Nm3/hour
  • Main Propulsion 7,820 Kw 
  • Main engine type MAN B&W 6550ME-C9.5
  • NOx emission standard is Tier III 
  • Arranged with winching platform for pilots
  • Fully enclosed bridge
  • Scrubber ready design
  • Favorable hull form with large propeller
  • High-efficiency rudder with twisted leading edge and rudder bulb

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