Mandatory notification of trade

The Executive Management Team in Odfjell SE has today purchased 55,480 class A shares in the company.

The purchase price for the shares is NOK 30.90. To facilitate the abovementioned acquisition of shares by the Executive Management Team, the Company has today sold 55,840 Class A shares (treasury shares) to the members of the Executive Management at a purchase price of NOK 30.90 per share.

The following primary insiders in the Company has acquired shares, and have, following this, the following number of shares in the Company:

Name and title

Shares acquired

Total number of shares
held in the Company

Kristian V. Mørch, CEO


136,661 Class A shares/3,500 Class B shares

Terje Iversen, CFO


22,465 Class A shares

Harald Fotland, COO


18,791 Class A shares/4,000 Class B shares

Øistein Jensen, COS


21,011 Class A shares

Following the sale of 55,480 Class A shares, the Company holds 5,740,238 Class A and 2,322,482 Class B shares (treasury shares) in the Company.

This information is published in accordance with the requirements of the Continuing Obligations.

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