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Odfjell Customer Portal

A tailor-made Odfjell Customer Portal is now launched, offering our customers a detailed and efficient overview of the cargo transportation logistics.

If you are a contract customer, the Odfjell Customer Portal service can be helpful and give you the information you need.

The portal offers: 

  • An overview of ongoing orders
  • A summary of the vessel's position
  • Estimated arrival 
  • Insight into port activities
  • Statistics of your business with Odfjell

Do you have any of these questions?


  • Where are my cargoes?
  • When will my cargo arrive? 
  • Which ships are carrying my cargo?
  • Which cargoes are inbound the next weeks?


  • At which times were my cargoes handled?
  • Which cargoes were handled at a specific port?
  • Were my cargos handled within the time limit?


  • How much has been loaded/unloaded
  • How is the business with Odfjell going?


  • How to download data files?
  • How to access Odfjell data via API?

Go to the Odfjell Customer Portal


Thomas M. Lund, VP Asia
Tel: +47 414 80 932 | E-mail:

Tom Hagesæther, Manager Digital Products
Tel: +47 911 93 409 | E-mail:

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