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Odfjell honored with Climate Change Leader bronze award at ESG Shipping Awards 2024

Odfjell has been honored with the Climate Change Leader bronze award at the ESG Shipping Awards 2024. The award ceremony took place in Athens in May, recognizing Odfjell's cutting-edge wind-assisted propulsion technology and our unwavering commitment to decarbonization.

The notable achievement centers around Odfjell’s partnership with bound4blue to install the innovative eSAIL system on a chemical tanker. Developed by bound4blue, a pioneer in wind-assisted propulsion technology, the eSAIL system utilizes advanced suction sail technology to harness wind power for ship propulsion.

This approach significantly reduces fuel consumption and addresses the pressing need to cut pollutant emissions in the shipping industry. Odfjell’s proactive stance on decarbonization has been a driving force behind the adoption of this technology. 

Our documented progress in reducing carbon intensity over more than a decade sets us apart within the industry. Odfjell has reported a remarkable 52% improvement in carbon intensity compared to our 2008 IMO baseline, highlighting a long-term commitment to enhancing energy efficiency within our fleet.

The installation of the eSAIL system represents a significant leap forward in implementing innovative solutions, furthering our mission to enhance energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of our operations. 

“This accolade at the ESG Shipping Awards 2024 underscores our consistent focus on sustainability and innovation,” VP Technology Erik Hjortland said. “As the industry faces growing pressure to reduce its environmental footprint, our pioneering use of wind-assisted propulsion technology exemplifies the transformative potential of embracing innovative solutions.” 

"Odfjell's Climate Change Leader bronze award at the ESG Shipping Awards 2024 highlights their leadership in innovation and sustainability. We are thrilled to team up with them for our first installation in the tanker segment. Their choice of our technology confirms we are on the right path, and we are confident our joint efforts will unlock significant value for the industry," said Head of Marketing, Dana Camps Valls from bound4blue. 

The ESG Shipping Awards 2024, the first event of its kind, signifies a pioneering Greek initiative established in partnership with the Ministry of Shipping and the Hellenic Chamber of Shipping.

The awards celebrate companies from diverse regions and maritime operations, highlighting the global impact of sustainability efforts across the shipping industry. The awards aim to celebrate the ESG efforts and achievements of companies worldwide that demonstrate exceptional commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.  

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